Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is this good or bad?


As a 1930s wife, I am

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Either way, I love quizzes.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It happens in threes.

Unless it's the lottery, of course.

What, you may ask, am I talking about now? Deaths. We've lost Dick Martin, Sidney Pollack, and Harvey Korman one week in the past May. Who were they? Not guys you'd know off the top of your head, unless you're in the 40's, maybe late 30's. Their comedy, once you saw the faces behind the laughter, is much better known by all.

Now with Tim Russert passing, my Hubs and I are wondering which two news guys, nationally known, will be next.

Edited to add, because I'm a doof: Duh! I totally forgot Jim McKay! HE was the first, although, I'd have never guessed Tim Russert to be next. Dang. Russert was way too young, even at 58. Funny how the idea of 'young' changes, the older a person gets?

Good news? There's only one left in the trifecta. Bad news? There's still one left.

End of edit.

This three at a time thing is so much a bummer.

For the inquiring minds: I haven't heard on the submission, yet. No news is good news, I think. In the meantime and while Fry is at Aunt Toppa's until tomorrow, I'm writing up the latest sock pattern. Also in the works is a simplified Aran sweater for the guys, a shawl showing off the colors of Oklahoma in the spring/summer, manly socks for the guy, and a leafy lacy triangle shawl.

These are all projects not counted as works in progress, which, I do need to finish soon. I don't like them hanging over my head, waiting to be done. Here are pictures of them and you'll see why I couldn't leave them alone.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm it!

Chelle tagged me for a meme. I'm not sure what a meme stands for, other than me me me, since the list is always about me. But, what is a blog except a lot of navel-gazing, hm?

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? What year is this...? We lived in Lenexa, KS and I was a computer programmer consulting around the city. Probably working in downtown KCMO, which was very cool. Like Chelle, I weighed less and looked younger. I think the 35-45 year span in a woman's life is the big slide downhill in aging, then levels off for a while. It's harsh, because it's the first big age slap.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today? Dishes(not done), exercise(ick), dinner(not done), take Claude to vet(done), call Kimberly (done)

3. Snacks I enjoy: Ice cream or ice pops, cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, salad.

4. Places I’ve lived: Walters, Elk City, Sayre, Weatherford Oklahoma. Perryton and Amarillo Texas. Lenexa Kansas and Kansas City Missouri. Louisiana and Utah very briefly. I know, nothing too exciting, but I've liked the places.

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire: Other than the obvious, pay off things and pay bills, this is tougher than you'd think. Charity? Probably, but which one? Start my own? Would I really want to run one? Heck, even after bills, being a billionaire is wealthy enough to buy your own American President.

In other news, school is out and while I'm usually driven crazy by now with the free time intrusion, it's not so now. Fry and I have had a great time, every day being 'Girl's Day Out'. There's been Spongebob watching, walking to the store, drinking overpriced coffee at Borders, lots of fun.

We've had interesting weather, nice, but stormy, and the pond still isn't done. Yeah, I've procrastinated a little, but mostly have been trying to find the small leak. The ponds leak only when the water runs through the system, and if the ground would dry even a little, I could trace where the oops is.

Anyway, there's been a ton of knitting, just none I can blog about at the moment. As soon as I can, you betcha I'm telling. I've also been trying to avoid buying yarn, since the yarn room is getting full and the projects are going slow.

In the interest of entertainment, and because I can't show any of the latest pictures due to incriminating the terribly guilty, I leave you with this, stolen like a thief from Knitting the Blue's blog. She has a cool blog, how can anyone not steal a neat idea from her?

Click on the above picture to make it larger.

1. Water Lily, 2. Food and Wine, 3. Flying W Land Run, 4. Verde no Aquarius, 5. Chris Meloni, 6. { PEPSÌ diêt }, 7. Reykjavik Iceland at night, 8. Blueberry Cheesecake, 9. Three laboratory retorts, 10. Cambridge streets: Victoria House, 11. disneyland reflections, 12. Laura's Coffee Shop

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I tag anyone with enough free time to do the above meme's. :)

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