Friday, September 30, 2005

I can resist anything but temptation

Yesterday, I went and did it. sent me their monthly newsletter and lo, the Peruvian Wool was still on sale and still had the colors I liked. At first, I thought a couple of skeins would be nice, just to felt up something. But no, I had the bright idea to make all three of us a sweater.

So this color is for me:

This color is for Hubby:

Then this is for Fry:

Officially or unofficially, I'm getting in on the action. I have plenty of 'guilt' projects, things started or yarn bought for others that I'd promised an eon ago. I think my long suffering husband deserves a couple of new sweaters, poor guy. It can't be easy, having a wife frequently kicking an empty box away from her saying, "No, no, that's not from Smiley's Yarn, Elann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Knit Picks, not at all."

Like, that'll fool a guy who's up on the debit and credit card purchases. Ha!

Speaking of buying, there's some cool shoes for Fry on sale at K-mart. She's growing so fast, I try to keep clothes for her on the inexpensive side. Just since school has started, she's grown half an inch. While I'm there, I can get the roses more mulch, then on to groceries. It's going to rain this weekend, and wouldn't it be nice to have the roses done, the bulbs planted, and the lawn edged just in time for October? (that's a hint to myself, by the way, and the main title DOES warn of drivel)

I love Fridays. USA has the Law & Order:SVU and Monk on all evening. On Fridays, I'll sit, watch, and knit without trying to get something else done at the same time. Usually, I'm doing dishes, folding clothes, or sorting papers while watching. My shawl Seascapes is sitting over there, saying, "So, why haven't you knitted me lately?" I'm thinking I'll pay attention to that tonight. There's only 5 high-concentration rows left and I'd love to knock them out of the way.

It's drag the Fry out of bed time! Yay!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fear and Loathing at 40

Please tell me I'm not old enough for menopause. Seriously. Lie if you must.

There I was, moving books out of the coffee table in the living room, then moving the coffee table. I strolled to the foyer to put Mom's surprises in the "Others' Belongings" box when all of a sudden (TMI alert), it felt like I was losing control of the bladder. Being the dainty, subtle little thing that I am, I squalled out, "Oh my God! I'm peeing!" and ran for the bathroom. Not quite pottiness. It seems that the headaches weren't just random, they were predictors of 'that time of the month'. Oh joy. I've been so regular that on the 28th day, I'm counting the seconds. In the last 6 months or so, it's been 23 to 32 days apart. I'd thought it was just Hubby coming back, his testosterone messing with my estrogen. I'd read in National Geographic about how pheremones can goof with menstral cycles, even putting all the women in an office on the same schedule.

Hubby did wonder if I was PMSing, since I'd mowed the yards, cleaned up on the garage, cleaned out the laundry room completely, and vacuumed, then shop-vacced the kitchen. Yesterday, I'd done the heavy vacuum in the bathrooms and master bedroom, after cleaning the bathrooms top to bottom. Since Fry was home from school again today, she helped me shred old financial papers. We filled two lawn and leaf bags with the shreddings, yet, there's still a box left to do. I and Fry are also going through her school papers, grade AND pre.

Could it be anything else? If it is, I'm certain Dr. OB/GYN would have caught it by now. Who knew a gal could be ultrasounded so many ways?? Jeeze.

Binky night night time. It's almost Friday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Loose Ends

Fry is home sick today. She's been complaining of a sore throat and strep has been going through the school. So, it's movies in bed, pineapple juice, and I'm whipping up a batch of homemade chicken soup for dinner this evening. No noodles, thanks to South Beach, so there'll be brown rice instead.

The pickup was tagged on Friday. The precheck at the DMV the day before helped out so much. The lady behind the counter was such a sourpuss that I charmed and cheered her into finally smiling at the end. Usually the crankier the person, the more chipper I get. If only to piss them off, ha ha haaaa!

Mom called last night. She and father are out on the lake in their newly tagged boat. Yay! No ice pick or time in the penn necessary. When I'd told Toppa about this on Friday, she agreed with Mom on the being totally legal aspect. How did I get so corrupt? Or maybe it's just stubbornness in a 'Oh huh?' way.

It's raining today but will be sunny tomorrow. Unless there's blood, fire, or flood, I'm getting all the yardwork done tomorrow. I've got some really beautiful bulbs to plant, and some "Squirrel Away" to keep the little b..., uh, beast, from eating all of them. He ate a lot of the bulbs in the Sack O' Bulbs Mom gave me for Christmas last year. This time, he's getting nothing.

I didn't do the hour of knitting yesterday. Too busy trying to catch up and too tired in general. Three and a half of intense concentration on sewing, which was so tough I had to use pliers to pull the needle through the fabric, and a sunburn all pooped me out yesterday. I'm going to have to go back to the gym. I can tell my strength and stamina has gone to pot.

Something fun circulating the web logs I read...

Ten years ago: Fry was an eensy baby, a little over a month old. She was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen, breaking Goopa's prior record. Although, when you have my sisters' and my child's baby pictures side by side, it's tough to find a 'best'.

Five years ago: I'd just started a cool new job, something I'd planned on making me wildly successful. Instead, it made me wildly depressed.

One year ago: Hubby was in Kuwait, I was painting in the house, Fry was in third grade. The house and my workout was kept up a lot better than it is now. If I can keep the house running smoothly, then the Hubs and Fry are better able to do their jobs. Funny how my rest breaks are when they leave the building, ha!

Five snacks:
Sugar-free Jello pudding
String cheese
Fruit in season
South Beach cookies and granola bars
Sugar-free popsicles

Five songs I know all the words to:
I Go To Pieces by Peter and Gordon
Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine by Trudy Richards
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall and Oates
And You Tell Me by A-ha
Honey To The Bee by Billie Piper

bonus: Where E're You Walk by Handel

Five things I would do with $100 million:
Pay taxes
Pay off every family members' debt
Fix up the house
Get those glass shelves for my newly expanded yarn room

Five places to run away to:
Alice Springs, AU
Macchu Piccu, Peru
London, England
My parent's house
My aunt and uncle's house

Five things I would never wear:
Go-go boots
Real Fur
Bell bottoms
Micro skirts
Anything denim other than jeans.

Five favorite tv shows:
Law & Order:Special Victims Unit
Star Trek:The Next Generation
The 4400
The Dead Zone
Spongebob Squarepants

Five biggest joys:
My daughter
My husband
My family
My yarn
My home and lawn

Favorite toys:
New pickup!
The computer
My Virgin MP3 player
My Ultimate Knitting Machine
My cell phone

Five people to pass this on to: Whoever has the time or inclination to play!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday already?

It's easier to list what I did do as opposed to what I didn't do.
Done is in boldface:


8. WIPE OFF TABLE (rarely used, we eat on the kitchen island)

4. POLISH FAUCETS (say 'no' to hard water)

1. MAKE BED (and washed the sheets! Yay!)

4. PUT AWAY CLOTHES (four loads of clothes for three people for one week)

2. POLICE THE PLANTS (I so need to shopvac around the african violets)


2. PUT AWAY ONE BOX (sort through and put stuff where it belongs)

3. EMPTY WASHER AND DRYER (no clothes turning into lab experiments)

Hubby wants me to fix Lemon's roof. I have the canvas thread and black denim patches, so it's just a matter of procrastination. I'm afraid it won't look as good as I'd like, but then, the gaping hole can't look any worse. I'd love to slap the sh*t out of whoever cut it in the first place. It's not like the car is worth anything, even after chopped into parts.

And now for knitting news. Not much news, just working on the Bird's eye shawl, a little bit of Seascapes, and started a new 'mindless' project. A garter stitch scarf in a nifty novelty yarn. Usually, I'll go by the simpler the yarn, the more complex the stitch pattern. Garter stitch is great when I'm watching TV, on the computer, and want to knit at the same time. Both bad necks on my own sweaters have been fixed. I also have a bag of baby blankets that need edgings.

I found a copy of an edging pattern that's on a piece of linen handed down in my family! I'd tried to decipher what was there and came pretty close. The faggoting stitch tripped me up, having never done that one. (Disclaimer to family: this stitch has nothing to do with Streisand, Garland, or interior decorating.)

After reading some of my favorite weblogs, I've deduced that I'm either a very distracted or a very slow knitter. I'm thinking of setting a timer for an hour, solely concentrating on what I'm doing, and THEN checking my progress.

Time to attack the to-do list.

Update: It seems that hubby wants to take Lemon into work Thursday. I went out to fix the hole in the roof (from the attempted robbery). It seems the canvas had somehow deteriorated in the past week. Both the lining around the driver and passenger side doors needed resewing. Even though I used a canvas needle and thread, I still had to push through using needle nose plyers. Took me three and a half hours to sew up those, a couple of cracks, and the main reason why I went out there, the cut open hole.

Everything else I procrastinate on can be done in a far shorter time than I estimate. This is not one of them. My left thumb is bruised, my left forearm is sunburned, and I'm not going to enjoy using my hands tomorrow.

Fry gets the computer tonight. She was very good at school today and yesterday, and has been 'un' grounded since Monday. We played Pictionary last night and she's good! Love that kid.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stash Enhancing: I can quit any time I want.

New yarn in the house! Knit Wit had their clearance yarns on sale, 20% off. I'm a total pushover for Rowan's Summer Tweed, can't help it. I 'ought' to make things for Christmas out of this, but honestly, I only want to hoard the stuff. Both pictures of the brown (toast), do not do the color justice. It's more of a warm auburn, like fall leaves. These pictures really don't capture any of the highlights.

From my stash:
A couple of pictures of the same colors from elsewhere on the internet:

Then, there's some machs nitchs skeins I found. The shiney, fake stuff is really two balls rolled into one for a scarf. Then, the other two hand spun balls are for either hats or scarves. I'm rather wanting to felt hats out of the wools, but... I don't quite know yet.

The stash stuff was Friday, after having lunch with my beloved younger sister. I think her project is next... Happy Face hat and mittens. Maybe even a scarf. Yesterday, I wound up various skeins into balls and have decided that I'd like a ballwinder for Christmas. My plan is to have hubby hold out his arms, with the skeins around them, while I wind the ball. Then, after a few times, he'll think a ballwinder is a GOOD idea. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa

Saturday: Slugfest. Frozen pizza for lunch, some laundry, playing computer, playing with new yarns, nice dinner (pork loin with green beans and cauliflower), and grocery shopping. Today, we don't know what to eat because the freezers, pantry, and fridge are all full. I'm sure we'll manage.

Plans for today: Nap, chore list, dinner, Sims 2 and knitting. Mowing the lawn and yard care should be on there, but I'll do it tomorrow morning when no one is sleeping in. We're scheduled for rain on Wednesday, so I'll need to plant that stupid Magnolia tree that keeps blowing over. Bleh.

Task list for today:
10. EMPTY TRASH/ TAKE OUT RECYCLABLES (vital, since tomorrow is trash/recycle day)

4. POLISH FAUCETS (say 'no' to hard water)

2. CLOSE CLOSET DOOR (automatic light, like the fridge. child's bulb is burnt out)

2. POLICE THE PLANTS (I so need to shopvac around the african violets)


2. PUT AWAY ONE BOX (sort through and put stuff where it belongs)

3. EMPTY WASHER AND DRYER (no clothes turning into lab experiments)

Once all these things are done, the house is company clean and there's no lingering "what's that SMELL". With a cat and guinea pig, it's a sad fact of life.

Tomorrow is outside and garage. I'd like to get all the bulky items together for the pick up sometime after October 8th. If you've ever lived in the country, you'll know that big trucks taking your throw aways away are magical. There's nothing better than an clean curb on trash day.

Note to Mom: Fry said she had hideous rah last night. So I asked her when or if raw was lovely or even beautiful. The comment/question earned me a snort from her. She's so cute when she does that. LOL!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is there anything worse than the DMV? No. No, there isn't.

At the end of day one in my quest to get the pickup tagged...

No tag yet.

Getting the truck to pass inspection took all day. One place failed it due to the ball joints, which our mechanic checked out and found nothing wrong. Then the second place said a light was out on the truck's bed topper. They couldn't fix it because the light case was sealed shut. If anyone needs to break into it, I'd prefer my hubby tear it up. I'll probably have my Dad look at it, he can fix ANYTHING. Seriously. Neither place caught the 'failings' from the other place, which leads me to believe that both are garbage.

Eventually, the thing DID pass inspection, so I have that form, plus the property tax receipt, the bill of sale, the title transfer, and the odometer form. I'll have to have the application for Missouri title filled out there. I stood in line for only 15 minutes to find out about that and the tax receipt info. The receipt is really the fun one. We'll get a bill from the county for the tax, pay the thing, then that's it. Until...time to renew the vehicle tags. Then, after waiting in line for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes with no drink or bathrooms during the workday, that's when you find out that you needed a tax receipt from that bill paid in December. Did they mail it to you when you paid the tax??? Heck no! That would be too easy. So, after waiting to find this out, a person has to haul their pissed off little hiney to the courthouse to wait again in line for another 30 minutes, minimum. After paying a dollar for something everyone else in the U.S. GIVES YOU FOR FREE, it's back to the DMV to wait and see what else they needed that no one bothered to tell them about. Does the DMV have signs up that tell a person exactly what is needed for licenses, tags, titles? NO! That would ruin the bureaucracy's hellhole reputation.

Spelling is crap tonight, I know. Trying to care about it and just can't. At least I still know the difference between loose and lose.

This is in the Wow section: "Mayor Alan Tharling of Port Lavaca, a city on the Texas coast between Houston and Corpus Christi, is taking creative measures to make citizens take the threat of Hurricane Rita seriously.

Tharling says that the 1,000 or so die-hards who refuse to evacuate are being given permanent markers and asked to write their Social Security number, next of kin and a phone number on their arm or across their abdomen — so that returning officials can identify their bodies.

For the most part, Tharling has had few problems persuading residents to leave — Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the New Orleans area almost four weeks ago, has made believers out of most Gulf Coast Texans. Many of the Port Lavaca’s 13,000 citizens have already packed up and were on their way by Wednesday night. Many more are still streaming out, joining other evacuees in traffic jams as they head inland. "

Man! I think I'd find a way out of town...

I'm Soft and Sweet! Who Knew???

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

These are all the results possible. Pretty cool, ne c'est pas?

I think my family members should take the quiz, then comment as to their results. Then, I could make them gifts that match their yarns. Not that that's a BIG HINT or anything.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The most amazing thing

We watched the JetBlue plane land on faulty gear. That was the most amazing thing, aviation-wise, I've ever seen. Hubby and I were glued to the screen, and cheered after the plane came to a complete stop. Absolutely amazing. Hubby, being the most pilot trained of us, noticed the captain kept the landing gear straight on the center line.


I Shun 'Desperate'

Oh. My. God.

I am so f*ing sick of anything reeking of Desperate Housewives. There are people I know and love who are crazy for the show, but I'm not one of them. I tried to watch one of the episodes. Nails on a blackboard? Much easier to take than that show. The thing has been so overexposed that I can feel my skin trying to crawl whenever I see something referencing any of the actresses or anything 'desperate'. Jessica Simpson does the same thing. She is so f*ing plastic, stupid, and has such big Chiclet teeth that I tear off any magazine covers with her on them. We have a subscription to People, Ladies Home Journal, and Family Circle (or Women's Day, they're interchangable), so it's those covers, not all the ones at the grocery store.

While I'm on the subject of things I hate... I would love to meet the person behind the commercial, so I can grab them by the crown of the head and shake really hard. Because that's what it feels like they're doing to me every time I have to hear that commercial. Die, honkey pigs, die!

Sorry, but I do have the song to that memorized. I will never even visit the website, that would only encourage them.

John Meyer and/or Creed were good at first. Then, after a few albums where EVERY SONG SOUNDS THE SAME, I don't care for their music anymore.

I hate "Just For Men" hair color. In just FIVE minutes? Excuse me? I have to spend 20-25 minutes, but because a guy has the dangly bits, his time is so valuable that he only needs to spend 5 minutes doing the SAME THING?? Yeah, a female's time is worth just about nothing until a man needs clean underwear or wonders where dinner is lurking. At least in the 25 minutes I can wax my eyebrows, manicure and pedicure my nails, and straighten up the bathroom. It'll take a guy FAR longer than 5 minutes to wax his ass, which is something a lot of men should do.

Just for my family and those who really know him, no, my hubs does not need to do said waxing. Forget.....forget......

I HATE it when people tell me "Well, too bad. Life isn't fair," just before they 'f' me over. Please, let me see how flat I can make their nose with my fist.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to fold some laundry, do the dishes (not many), vacuum, THEN knit, play Sims 2 (Nightlife is FAB!!!), and chill in general.

Fry update: Yesterday was a good day. She had to tell her partner in crime that they couldn't play together and the little partner cried. Waaaaaaa! Isn't that the saddest because little Bail is the sweetest! So I had Fry pick out a 'friends forever' greeting card from my vast stash, and she wrote a sweet note to Bail. Awwwww! Poor little kid. Fry knows that this is HER punishment, and told that to Bail, so I'm hoping the card will make the little kid feel better.

Fry is still grounded, though. Little booger.

Two requests for the readers: First, did anyone notice I was using a different and wrong yarn on the pink sweater's collar? I did and fixed, then finished it. It looks GREAT!! I love the sweater. Second, comment on one thing you absolutely hate beyond all reason. C'mon. There has to be SOMETHING.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


All righty. I just received an email from my younger sister, Toppa. This would be a wonderful time to blog about how I REALLY feel about my two sisters. I'll go in the order of their birth, and Mom, break out the hankies. LOL!

Toppa: I don't remember life before her, and I know there must have been. I was three when she was born. My parents have home movies of me petting her head, which was something I did all the time. She was (and is) the sweet, silly, and loving one of us. Maybe not the most of us, but certainly those are her traits. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen on anyone but my grandfather, from whom she'd inherited them. With her dark hair, those eyes, and rosy lips, she's alway had THE most striking coloring. Toppa is also very athletic, and has energy to spare. Even now, when Goopa, the baby sister, was showing us her dance steps and teaching Toppa, Toppa picked up on them like the steps were nothing. Toppa is a very loving and sweet person, who also has a strong sense of personal space. Sometimes, it's really tough not to just hug and squeeze on her because I love her so. The nice thing is, her niece, Frybaby, is almost a carbon copy of her and I get to love on Fry all I want to. Ha! I can't imagine my life without Toppa, she's been there from the beginning of my memory and while I don't email, call, or chat with her as much as I want to, I consider her in the highest levels of best-friend-ness. I admire her guts and grit, and want more than the best for her in everything. Toppa is so practical and capable, I admire those qualities in her as well. She's amazing.

Now for the little Goopa. Awwwwww! So what if the little Goopa is 25 years old? So what if she's married and has lived on her own since she was 18? She's still the little Goopa! If I have to be little Sissy... She can be little Goopa. Even though she's taller, blonder, and more blue-eyed than I will ever be. People instantly guess Toppa and I to be sisters, not so with Goopa. She is absolutely beautiful in that Hollywood glamour sort of way. When she and I stand together, I look swarthy! Me! She looks like one of those Nordic ice princesses that women bleach and cut themselves into. Since I was almost 15 when she was born, I remember THE exact moment I first saw her. She was a little tiny thing, and talked to us all while the nurse held her up after the measuring and weigh-in. We were all stunned that she cooed so early. Every since then, she's been the same brilliant and beautiful person now as she was the day she was born. Goopa is sweet and charming, yet has a side to her a person doesn't want to mess with. Seems there's some tart to her sweet. Her vast number of talents and abilities amaze, but don't surprise me. I knew from the beginning that she'd be a fabulously witty, smart, and charming person. It's still tough not to love on her like she's still a little child, Goopa is so loveable. She's another one of my relatives who are also my best-friends. Yeah, my sisters and I talk to other people in our lives far more than we talk to each other. But when chips are down, I'm the first person they can call for help and vice versa.

I'm a very fortunate person to have such great sisters in my life. If I contacted and gushed about them as often as I think about them, they'd be saying "Get a job already!" LOL!

Now, What Was I Saying?

Man! I'm so tired! I can only imagine how rough the Fry and Hubs must feel. It's Tuesday and I'm pooped from the road trip. I even had the 'good' car to drive, which is really a Ford F-150 Lariat. Niiiiiice.

With the nifty radio, wonderful engine, large pickup bed, nice tires, and leather seats, you'd think any one of those would be my favorite things. Ha! Since I'm a shrimpy 5'3", the fact that the seat belt adjusts to my height is fantastic. I looooove it! Usually, the seat belts cut me across the neck, so I have to tuck them under my arm or wear a mock turtleneck to keep my neck from getting a rash. I'm the original "Princess and the Pea" and can't stand anything bumpy, itchy, or abrasive against my skin. Which is why knitting with pure wool is ok for the hands but not to wear.

Friday: drove and knitted while the passenger.
Saturday: counted coins, visited family, ate Chinese food.
Sunday: drove and no knitting while driving.
Monday: goofed off, taught class, goofed off some more.

It's been so deadly hot around here, due to the humidity, it's tough to be motivated to do anything more than get another popcicle from the fridge.

Current works in progress.... I'm trying so hard not to start the Rosy Fingers of Dawn shawl, seeing such progress on Snowball's web log. Since Seascapes and now Bird's eye are in the works, I don't want to start another lace project. I thought Bird's eye would be a lot easier, but I keep thinking that because it's easy, I don't have to pay attention and then goof the thing up completely. Long sentence, huh?
This is Bird's Eye Shawl, in Lion Brand Imagine. My mother-in-law liked the color, so this is for her. It's not that hard, just needs my concentration.

Progress so far on the Seascapes Shawl. I'm thinking I really should have done this in a seafoam green... There IS a mistake in there, or was, until I let the stitch run down to the mistake and fixed it back up. When I block, I'll smooth out the threads and even up everything.

Here is knitting for exciting television shows. The stitches are bunched up, so it looks too small again. It's not. Once a marker is in place, I'll do this new neckline in rib. No more need for detachable ears! Yay!

Here's something fun. The large, loose skeins are my dyeing project for the Rosy Fingers of Dawn shawl. I wanted something that would closer resemble the striking West Texas Sunrises, rather than the subtle shades of everywhere else's sunrise. We'll see how that goes... The little ball of Kid Merino is for the Summer in Kansas shawl, which may not be so much the summer as the FALL in Kansas after the wheat is cut and plowed under. THAT is the colorway of the fields in the yarn. So I may go with something a bit more bright wheatstraw and leave this for something else. That's a couple of shawls down the road, though. At this rate, I'll be 80 years old before I'm ready to start them.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Road Trip and Sad News

Ok, we're going on a road trip today. Going to Dodge to pick up the pickup. I'm thrilled to see that gas prices are down to $2.49 as of yesterday. It's the weekend, so I'm expecting that to change. Funny how 2.50 would have had us screaming 'Gouge!' this time last year. Gotta love those lowered expectations.

I've had to pack our formal dress due to my hubby's cousin dying early this morning. Very sad. She had cancer. Her husband had died not even a month ago from a car wreck. They have two children, one in college and one in high school. I can't imagine being without either of my parents, and I'm ancient compared to them. Poor kids are orphans. Not getting into the dirty laundry of it, those kids were more the parents to their own parents. They're both very mature, responsible, and good people, like their grandparents. Thankfully, huh?

Knitting class went very well last night. We barely got to purl and didn't get to bind off, which is always sad, but since I had 20 people in there, I'm thinking cast on and knit are pretty good for two hours. To me, I should be able to teach everything about knitting in that time, but it's a very hands-on class. We don't go on until everyone has the technique somewhat down and are ready to practice. The only thing some students do that really irks me is say "Oh, you're just saying that," when I tell them they're doing well. Um, no, I'm not. If I compliment a person, they've deserved it, even if they don't believe it. That's when I reply, "No, if you were doing badly, I'd be over there helping you fix it." Then someone else will look up because I WAS over there helping THEM. :D

Ug. I woke up with a migraine that the Relpax isn't kicking. I need to finish packing, close up the house, pick up the kid, then pick up the husband for the road trip. Joy. I'm taking some works in progress for road knitting, too.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Face Down in My Cheerios

Something cool in The Sims Nightlife: When your Sims is exhausted and trying to eat, they will fall facedown into their meal and sleep.

Not only is this a really cool expansion pack, but the game's programmers managed to stop the memory leak. The game doesn't suck up all the system's resources until finally I have to restart the game.

I like leading with a silly game much better than starting with Fry's problems. It seems my little rebel doesn't like following recess rules. HER teacher has a thing about all the kids being where he can see them during recess. No roaming the halls, chatting in the bathroom, or playing tag in the library. All of which, Fry has done. Her friend's teacher, the little friend who has been her partner in crime, doesn't keep as close an eye on her students. So what is ok for little friend is very NOT ok for Fry. When she was in the bathroom instead of at recess, I thought poor baby, just be where you're supposed to be and leave the bathroom for pottying, not chatting. Then the second time, she asked to go to the library during recess then proceeded to play tag. We had a stern discussion about the library, recess, and her behavior. The next day, she comes home saying that she has to spend tomorrow (which is today's) recess in the Principal's office. She was trying to get her Crime Partner talked into going outside for recess, then when Fry finally went outside, the teacher lowered the boom.

After hearing about this, I was less than sympathetic, but also less than postal. If we had not gone over the "recess in recess areas only" rule just the evening before, I'd have been a lot more understanding. During PMS, no less. I told her that this time I was NOT happy with her behavior, that she is a great kid and I expected better from her. That I didn't think that "library behavior in the library, recess behavior at recess, and bathroom behavior in the bathroom," was too difficult to understand.

I love this child more than anything else in the world. She does have this need to hear things three times before doing them, as in, when in the car, "Put on your seatbelt." "Are you buckled in?" "Do you need help?" After years of this, I just say "Buckleupbuckleupbuckleup." I warned her that yesterday I was not in the mood to argue or say things more than once. I know her teachers must LOVE having to tell her and every other kid in there everything more than once. (intense sarcasm) Forget that stupid apple, give the teacher a tranquilizer gun. Seriously. Or heck, give me one.

I'm so hoping she comes home with no incident. Hubby is going to email her teacher to discuss this. We talked last night and while the teacher is a flake who speaks rudely and immaturely to his students, he IS the teacher. I don't think (and told Fry this) that specific activities at specific times is too tough. If the other kids manage, I'm sure she can, too.

In other news (this is the fluff piece), I was just called by my library friend. It seems that the library tonight is more than packed. My class limit is 15, but no one was minding the store and there's 25 signed up. LOL! There will be a helper librarian there who can knit, so I'm not too worried. My largest class was 30, so it's possible. I just can't help everyone with sizes at 20 or more. First, I show everyone how to cast on, go around to help, have them practice, then on to the knit stitch. I show, help, then help until everyone is practising. After that, and I hope we get there, is the purl. If it's a reasonably small class, less than 10, and they're overachievers, we can not only purl and bind off, but also decrease and increase.

Every beginner's class has one thing in common. The knitter who isn't a complete beginner. They're the ones who have learned at their Granny's knee, but haven't knit in eons. That's fine, but they're also the ones who ask, "Why do you teach this cast on instead of this or this?" Well, number 1, because I can, number 2, teaching 10+ people how to do the latter two cast ons is a task outside the scope of the class. I had one lady ask this about the double cast on. When I answered with number 2, she replied that in 4-H, they learned the double and it was a bunch of them learning it. Hmmmm. I'm lucky, she's lucky that I didn't have PMS at the time. I probably would have got that expression on my face that tells my family members to duck and cover. Over the palm, around the thumb, needle from pinky to thumb is much easier to teach a herd of people. I teach it opposite from the instructions here because that first row really IS hard to knit. The opposite way is much easier for my newbie knitters.

Is it naptime, yet?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day Two of: Woooo! (doin' the rock n' roll hands thingy)

It's here! It's here! My Sims 2 Nightlife is here! I haven't been this excited since [every other nerd event in the last 40 years] happened.

Eeeee! Cars, restaurants, bowling alleys, nightclubs...wooo!

Ok, in the interest of actually living like a human being, I'm going to set a timer for 30 minutes. Every time the timer goes off, I'm going to have to do something productive. Like, dishes, laundry, vacuum, eat, shower. That sort of thing.

If I start now, by the time Fry gets home, I can let her have computer, then help her through the nightclubbing. It's rated T for teen, on account of crude humor, suggestive themes, and violence. All of the above is very cartoonish, the violence is less than what Wile E Coyote endured, the suggestive themes are much less than any on TV during prime time, and from what I hear, the crude humor on the school bus makes the sailors blush.

Ok, enough. I have to install the software and see if it lives up to the promise. If family members need me, please call, since I'm not likely to break for email. :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Woooo! (doin' the rock n' roll hands thingy)

Woooo! Ich liebe das bier! Wooo!

Then, wo ist das toiletten, bitte???

Did I mention that one of my favorite sisters works for a Coors distributors? My other favorite sister could be a Flygirl, she's learning to dance so well.

I'm doing the sister tribute thing tomorrow. It's tough to define what your built-in best friends mean to you. :D

Woooo! (doin' the rock n' roll hands thingy)


Head out in style with an exclusive new car for your Sims!

Your Sim can turn heads all over town with an additional downloadable car. Get
ready to take on the night in your sweet new ride!

To download this exclusive new car, go to
and follow the onscreen instructions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have The Sims 2 Nightlife installed.

Car will be available as soon as the game ships. When you have your
copy of The Sims 2 Nightlife be sure to stop back and download your


Your friends at the EA STORE

Sims got cars! Sims got cars! Woooo hooo!

Oh man, I've so got to clean the house before the game gets here. It's a stupid computer game and I'm 40 years old, so I feel very foolish playing, but... The thing appeals to me on quite a few levels.

1. Neighborhood design. I can move the lots, empty, with homes, or with homes AND families occupying them. There's residential and commercial, where the Sims can shop, swim, snack.

2. The houses. Not only do I get to landscape to my heart's content, putting trees, flowers, and shrubbery wherever I want, I can also do and undo carpets and paints with a mouseclick. A new roof? NO charge! Furniture can be rearranged at will, plus, I know the more money cheat, just in case the family runs out of the green.

3. Creating people. From scratch, no less. Their hairstyle and color, eye color and shape, tweeking the facial features, clothes, gender. No one can change the body itself without some programming changes. I'm not that into the code, I'm into the asthetics. I also get to choose their personality traits and life focus. Such fun.

4. After creating people is creating people, as in, babies! The Sims 2 have little babies who then grow into toddlers. It's really tempting to give into the maternal side of me and adopt a housefull of babies, but they all need intense care. I've tried once and they were all taken away by the social worker. Too sad to try again. The mad scientist of me LOVES seeing what the DNA mix results in when a new baby is born. Sometimes, twins happens and that's fun, too.

5. Work. My Sims get to major in college things I never was able to major in, plus, they can change jobs at an instant. Very unlike real life. Also, the Sims go to work, increase their skills, keep themselves happy and healthy, and lo! They get promotions. Very much unlike real life. In some of the careers, when the Sim reaches the top, they're picked up for work in a helicopter. All the other Sims nearby cover their ears.

My baby sister also loves this game, and she's made the coolest movies with the video function of the game. I've not listed this as 6, because while it's possible, I totally reek at making movies. Which makes me appreciate others' work all that much more. :)

Speaking of cars... My in-laws up and bought a new van. It's odd, because usually my father-in-law will keep something until it falls apart, much to my mother-in-law's dismay. So they're giving us their pickup. Yay! It's a green, Ford, super (or extended) cab. Not only that, but we already have someone interested in Lemon. I've already warned Hubby to tell them the car is psychic. Of course they'll scoff and think we're stupid. That's ok. The first time they actually like the thing, it'll pop a hose, dump whatever fluid is handy, or a tire will fall off and roll by them. I'll miss having a convertable, but as unreliable as Lemon was, we didn't drive it that much, anyway. We're going to get it this Friday, since the tag is out this month. There's no sense in Hub's parents renewing the tag only for us to turn around and pay our state for the same thing. Plus, Kansas is much higher in its registration. Too bad gas is so expensive right now. I'd load it up and drive stuff around just to do it. LOL!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Opinion On The Day After

I thought this was a nice opinion article. Whenever I see my own opinions or questions mirrored by someone else in a more public forum, it's nice. The people and media in my area are very Republican, conservative, and bible-hugging. Not that all that's a bad thing to be, it's just refreshing to see the other point of view. Because I'll get to wondering if I and my family are the only ones to question the way things are going.

Something really cool my Mom said about Brownie (Michael Brown of FEMA, for the cave dwellers/ostrichs) and I'm hoping I quote her correctly, "He can't be fired for incompetence when he wasn't hired for his competence." This was after I was wondering aloud how anyone could still have a job after such a massive and murderous failing in said position.

I might post later. PMS has caught up and slapped my hiney with a headache. I'm taking Relpax, but that takes time to work. While I'm not dying of pain, it does give me the attention span of a small yippy dog.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

No More Nature Preserve

Speaking of twitching, I'm sure our neighbors can rest easy tonight. I mowed all the lawns, which sounds like nothing. Ha! It's been so hot that once the gas runs out of the mower, back into the little garage it goes. The front and sides always get completely done, but the back? Um, not quite so much. I had to double mow a large section of the yard. Good for the exercise, but tomorrow, working the arms is going to be bad.

Everyone is in bed, Law and Order:SVU is on, I'm so knitting this evening.

Like a Junky in the Pharmacy

It never fails. I read a few of my favorite knitting weblogs and off I go. Twitching like a ferret on speed, wanting to knit whatever is laying around the house. Until Hubby goes to bed, I'm working on the felted envelope purse, seen in a prior post next to the yoga mat bag. Which, is here, in a better picture.

Whenever I feel like finishing things up, or fixing terrible wrongs in my own designs, I'll have these to turn to:

First off is a lovely sweater for me. It would be a lot lovelier if I need not detach my ears to get it over my head. Serves me right for being creative with the collar.

But wait! There's more! Thinking I'd learned my lesson, here's a beauty entirely designed by me. Knitters in the know will see that Nikky Epstein's "Knitting on the Edge gets the credit for the charming cuff. The very boat boatneck neck is great on those with roundy shoulders, but with a gal like me... Let's just say in this, my shoulders never end. Ever. It's in the FIX ME pile in the living room.

This was to be a sweet little "Snow Queen" dress for my child a couple of years ago. Once I spotted the collar error, I totally quit work. Now it can fit my youngest cousin, who would look extremely charming in it. The thing could still fit my own Fry, but as a sweater. Once it's fixed and finished, I'll see who cries for it the loudest.

Are these a bunch of yarns piled on the scanner? Well, sure they are, but they're also future scarves for family members. Who will get what? I really don't know. The women in my family all have such different tastes. Sure, some of those tastes converge, but still. Everyone is so unique, it will be fun to see who wants what.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The EXPURGATED version of "Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds"?!?!

After a wonderful chat with my Mom, I have realized that I speak as a sailor. My beloved Mother used flattery as in I'm too creative to resort to swearing as a means to express myself.

Gah! All right. After doing a search in here of choice words, oh no no no. I really AM using the blue words a bit much. Some of this started at the angst-soaked Diaryland weblog place. There, I used swearing as a way to show that I'm hip and edgy online. In real life, it's because I AM being sloppy vocabularily speaking, or just that angry. One can tell by the volume of my voice which it is. So I combed through and either replaced the worst of them or put in * where no other word could do.

Every time I talk to my Mom about my Dad's character traits, I feel like I'm backpedaling. It's weird that it feels like that, because, I'm feeling like I'm trying too hard to be sincere about being sincere. It's like saying 'honestly' before telling someone the truth and you've always been honest before that. Like HONESTLY honestly, or super-sized honestly.

What brought all that up was I was feeling self-conscious about thanking my Father online for a swear phrase. I really do love that phrase, especially when some guy cuts me off on the highway about an inch from my car. It's just so wonderfully descriptive, nothing else will do. Sometimes, a person is just acting that phrase and I can't help it.

I've not kvetched or exhaulted much on the parental units because, well, it's like talking about myself. That's what this is for, the whole weblog thing. I've always felt very much a part of my parents. Whatever I don't like about me are probably things they didn't like, either. LOL! The laziness, procrastination, and forgetfulness are sadly and uniquely my own. My Mom will say she forgets things, but I don't know... I don't think she does as much as SHE thinks she does. I do really love the traits and interests I have in common with them. Sometimes, I wish I shared more, but then, I'd have nothing new to contribute.

So while this will mostly belong in the 100 things about me list I'm compiling, here's a little riff on the parents. Personality-wise, they tend to be such opposites that I feel like I'm two different people in one person made from them. They have the same values and the same strong honorable streak as each other, but react differently in different situations. My father is very intense in a calm sort of way, while my mother is very calm in an intense sort of way. For both of them, their family is first and woe to anyone who harms or even talks bad about an offspring. Even though I'm ancient, it's wonderful to go home and say, "Dad, he was mean to me," and know my father will be on my side and be quite vocal about it. On the same hand, my Mom tends to really dislike anyone who's every been mean to her girls. She also is not happy with the current administration sending both of her son-in-laws overseas. I can't imagine Dad is, either, but he's more in sync with that 'what a man's gotta do' thing that we women. Finding a husband to equal my father's intelligence, work-ethic, and very not easy. There's a lot of guys whom I would have laughed at had they even suggested meeting him. Rather like serving poop to a chef. LOL!

Describing my parents is a lot like describing a rose, Mozart's music, or a much-needed rainstorm. Anything said could only touch a superficial surface and not really convey all the beauty within.

I think in a later post, I'll write about my sisters. While Fry is thrilled at being an only child, secretly I feel sad that she doesn't have the sisters I do. She does have them as aunts, though. Probably the reason why she likes having them all to herself as the only grandbaby so far.

A setup for the following conversation while I typed all this: Fry just turned 10 three weeks ago.

FryGirl: I have enough popcorn for one more movie. I'm watching one from my childhood.
MomCrone: From when you were a leetle beebee?
FryGirl: Yeah, from when I was in the single digits.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Retraction, Correction, and Observation.

Retraction: When I posted that "Why didn't New Orleans people just leave," I, in my middle class mind, never considered people might not have a car. I'd never own one in London, New York City, or even Chicago. LA, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver are another story. I've been to New Orleans and honestly walked everywhere in the French Quarter. The post was a 'duh' moment on my part.

Correction: In the prior post I needed to change 'me' to 'more'. I'll do what I can to help, but give me? More yes, me no. We're giving $15 to the Wayside Waifs here in KC. They'll be taking in animals and providing assistance to the humane societies in the form of food for all, vaccinations, and boarding. I'm also wanting to be a foster mom to a cat or two, but Hubs doesn't feel too positive about that. We'll see. Also, the OB/GYN appointment was for yesterday, but since I'd been in August and have another appointment for November, both the nurse and I thought this would be overkill. Cancelled!

Observation: I'm sure I'm not the first to notice... Florida had immediate hurricane assistance, the South had very delayed assistance. Florida's govenor is the President's brother, the South has none of his family members in office there.

There could be mitigating circumstances. Florida's hurricanes could be habit, like tornadoes are here, while the Southern Gulf states may have such infrequent hurricanes that they tend not to be prepared. I hope that this is the case. Although, after our President's mother's attitude was shown, I'm leaning towards the first theory.

Here, for the first time anywhere, is my scanned in shawl-in-progress:

Yay!! For me, this is not the Summer of Lace, but the YEAR of Lace. I'm not as fast as I'd like to be, but then, I've knitted these two plus four others. There's Zum Bar soaps in them. Zum Bar is rather pricy at $4.50 a bar, but they smell wonderful and when the scent has faded, the soap is useful. Two lives for the price of, well, never mind. They're a wonderful luxury.

Here we have on the left, the beginnings of an envelope flap purse to be felted and matching the yoga mat bag on the right. The bag didn't scan as well as I'd have liked, but the lawn needs mowing and groceries need bought, so we're going with that for now. I'll have my tall, blonde, and beautiful sister model it for later.

Here is a little lace thing I whipped up as a model for the Advanced Knitting class I taught at Camden Point. It and the snowflake hat later in this post were the demos. The yarn is a yummy cotton and silk blend. I have a lot of Rowan's Summer Tweed just waiting for me to do something with and it may be this. :D
There's a lot of Cape and some of Exotic with one or two skeins of Bouquet and Gold. There's a couple more colors, I'd have to check out the stash to be certain.

In this time, I didn't knit these, but did piece them together. I'm not keen on piecing together, but in my anti-UFO (unfinished object) rally, these were knocked out in a couple of hours.

The hat on the right was knit entirely in this time, the top third of the left finished up.

There you have it! All the procrastination projects since Summer of Lace started. Some of these were knit while on the road, since roads can be bumpy. Trying to knit two stitches together on Seascapes require NO bumps allowed. Tonight on USA, there's hopefully no stupid tennis and I can do the Law & Order:SVU evening and knock out some rows on Sea. :D

I've not updated on the diet and exercise thing in a while. This morning, the scale experience was a "Holy sh*t" one. I am (drumroll, please) 152lbs. A-freaking-mazing. I've only been hard core Phase 2 South Beach for four days and did the Gilad thing for three of those days.

I'd weighed this morning before Brown's ousting. Otherwise, I'd say I'd laughed my ass off. Love that last line.

My spidey senses hear the grass growing and the fresh produce at HyVee calling me...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All Pissed off and No One to Slap/Kitten Kocaine

Here's an afternoon quickie! I've found a lovely webpage that allows everyone Republican to find someone to blame for the ghastly water and dead people from Katrina. Enjoy!

This is all especially crappy considering John Kerry's camp sent us on the list an email about Katrina on August 31st. Paraphrasing, it said "People are or will be in dire straights, let's pull together and help them." I hope, but don't expect, for the 51% who voted for Bush heed this wakeup call. Bush's purpose in the White House is to line his and his friend's pockets.

One more political thing and I'm outta here. Fry will be home soon and will be begging to go to the pool. My mother told me a story this morning about the American Red Cross. It seems that while my Great Uncle Fay was in WWII, a bakery at their own expense made up a bunch of treats for the troops. A Red Cross vehicle pulled up, a few cute girls in nice uniforms hopped out, and were photographed serving the troops brownies and cupcakes. Once the photo quota was met, they all bundled up and left. They didn't actually serve all the troops, and they didn't pay for anything. It's been really tough NOT to give to them, because so many need help. Hubby has already given $25. We'll probably give more, I can't imagine not doing so.

Surprising cat news. Ok, I tend to collect seeds when they're on clearance. Herb, flower, even some resulting in disaster vegetable seeds. So last spring, Fry and I planted seeds willy-nilly in this mini greenhouse of hers. Did I mark them? Heck no! That's too sensible and easy. Sheesh.

As a result, I now have a rather large flowerpot of catnip and not columbines as I'd thought I'd had. After I thought the plants looked a little 'herb'y, I'd broken off a leaf, sniffed, and realized what was growing. Happy for Claude, if he liked it, I brought in the leaf to him. It's obvious that anything else catnip must not have ever been fresh. He sniffed the leaf, licked it, then ATE it. I waited around to see if he barfed it back up, since barfing is his beloved hobby. No barf so far. In fact, I put a couple of crushed up leaves into one of his toys (usually ignored). Not only has he played with it all afternoon (and he doesn't play with anything!!), he is right now sleeping, using the toy as a pillow.

So I'm thinking, wouldn't it be nice of me to design a line of BadKitty knitted toys featuring fresh-dried home grown catnip tucked inside? If my nip-resistant cat loves the stuff, my sister's two cats will be the Cheech and Chong of the feline world.

Speaking of the baby sister. She and I are both eagerly awaiting the release of Sims 2 Nightlife. Today I went ahead and preordered the game. Electronic Arts is a 'sweatshop' for programmers, but Sims is my own Kitty Kocaine. I really can't wait for it to get here, it's not even released until the 13th.

Ewwww! Poor Black People in Our State?! Ewwww!

Remember that earlier post of mine about the poor black people and the current administration's goal to let them die? Is this the confirmation that I was right?

No matter how bad the squalor the victims MIGHT have been living in, a cot with whatever meager possesions in a sports arena does not a 'better' home make.

Meanwhile, I'm really liking Anderson Cooper's loss of game face.

Now, I'm off to the OB/GYN for yet another checkup. Yay.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kvetching about the Hurricane Relief

There you go. From one of my favorite weblogs, I followed her link and found this. It's why I'm angry. Also this, the bastards. Looting is fine when you're desperate, but honestly. Are you going to make a DVD stew, asshole? The phrase "chicken-sh*t son of a bitch" comes to mind (thanks for the phrase, Dad!).

The number of other countries willing to help us is amazing. Even the guy Pat Robertson wanted 'taken out' is wanting to send aid.

Is it just me, or is the current administration's attitude is, "They're poor black people and the white elderly about to die anyway. If we let them die, there will be more for us."

I've decided to give to the Salvation Army. The ones here in KC have actually loaded up vans and taken off for the afflicted areas. I'm sure Red Cross is doing the same, but I've not heard of it. My mother-in-law had been widowed for two years, my husband was five years old, when a flood destroyed their home. Almost all the possessions left of my father-in-law was ruined and had to be thrown out. When she went for help from the Red Cross, they turned her down. If she'd ever asked for help in her life, I'm not aware of it. Supposedly, this is why people give to the Red Cross, so that they'll help people who lose everything in a disaster. Oh well.

Something else I'm wondering. Today in the newspaper, I notice the mention of a church helping. This is the first I've heard of a church actively helping the victims. I hear a lot about giving and tithing, but not a lot about people actually doing anything. I wonder where all that money churches collect goes. With so many charities calling me every week, there's a lot of cash being raised, and yet, there's a lot of people needing help or on welfare.

No new yarn, and with all the catalogues coming in, it's been tempting. Yesterday was trim the trees and drop off the leaves day. I'm not sure what today is, so far, it's shaping up to be slug day. Monday was to be slug day while today was supposed to be get it all done so tomorrow is sluggy. Oh well.

Ok, here's the thing. I wanted to clear out and mulch cover the grass growing in the rose garden. I can't. It seems there's a little Peter Rabbit living there. I'll probably mulch part of the garden, the part where he doesn't 'hang out'. Then, in the fall or winter when he's hibernating, I'll finish up. The rose garden only has Rio Sambas in there, three bushes. They're quite lovely, as you can tell, and are really resistant to black spot. I'd been buying $30 containers of black spot removal spray to be applied every two weeks until finally just digging up all the bushes that loved getting the fungus. I didn't like spending the money, spraying chemicals, and THEN the stuff still not stopping the spot. The bushes would be stripped of leaves no matter what I did. While I do believe in better living through chemistry, sometimes too much really is too much.

Friday, September 02, 2005

That's it, exactly!
There you go. It puts into words what I was thinking and why I'm angry about the hurricane. They point out the poor black population, but they're forgetting the elderly on a fixed income who are in the same boat.

They're sending the National Guard from Independence to New Orleans. While it is a CONUS (Continental United States in Army-speak) assignment, when I read about the filth, dead bodies, and people shooting at relief workers, it's not such a plum assignment. (could I have made that sentence any longer????)

I spent four hours on four rows in the Seascapes Shawl. The new Boye needles have a much better join, much much better, but sadly, my mistakes are what slow me down. The yarn is so fine, I'll tend to pick up the stich underneath the one to knit. Leaving out a yarn-over or adding one in are things I do, too. I honestly don't know how Wendy knits on the train to and from work. I'm doing good to knit while sitting in front of the television. Something really surprising, though. I'm actually starting to prefer the chart to the written instructions.

My sister has a part time job at a supermarket gas station. Her roommate sent me and others this latest gas price update. There's a swimming pool across the creek, several grocery stores within a couple of miles from our house, and we enjoy having 'slug' weekends, so we're not planning to take out a loan for travel this weekend. Fry is out of school early today. She'll be going along with me on today's grocery trip. THAT could be bad for my diet.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A New Phrase and Felting Blues

Superdome Evacuation Halted Amid Gunfire is an excellent example of the phrase "Sh*tting in their own nest." Most animals are smart enough to not wreck their own homes by using the restroom exactly where they sleep.

But then as I'm thinking about it, I'm totally mixing my pithy sayings. For the Superdome chaos, it should also be "Biting the hand that feeds you." Which it supremely stupid on their part, since the whole reason they're holed up in the Dome is because they're too broke, sick, or stupid to get out of Katrina's way. Bite the hand enough, and the hand is going to say "To heck with you," and let you starve.

So the fires are the sh*tting, while the shooting is the biting.

Mom called last night and we both think the emergency agencies need to get it together. How long were the experts saying catagory 5 catastrophic hurricane? Days? Are not the emergency people supposed to be good in said emergency?

I feel horrible for the people caught there, trapped and dying. There's nothing I personally can do, and if I tried, that talent I have for being in everyone's way would naturally occur. I'm rather angry, too, as a result of being frustrated. After living in Tornado Alley all my life, when there's hints of tornadoes, I'm ready. Even at my most sluggishness, when the sirens sound, we know what to do. We're lucky if we have 30 minutes to prepare, these people had 3 days. I know that some of them didn't think it was going to be that bad, and the levees breaking was very unexpected. When the sirens sound here and Fry isn't with her grandparents on the farm, I'm totally cool. When she's HERE, I'm executing the tornado drill. If there were someone in our household whose health depended on certain items, those certain items would be in the 'emergency area' of our house. I'm just thinking that if the weather said an F3 tornado was on its way, there would be some scrambling.

Since Hubby sometimes reads this blog... I'd like to fix up that corner of the basement where we hunker down. Reenforce it, then, when we get the new tv for the kitchen, we can put the old one there. The cable hub is there, so setting up the set in that corner is a piece of cake.

I'd like to do the "Make a mess to clean a mess" thing today. Our master suite areas are starting to look cluttered, again. I'm thinking I'll take all the items that don't belong and bring them downstairs in time for the soaps I'm sadly addicted to. Pile it all on the kitchen island and sort with an eye for tossing. It would also be really nice to get the back yard shaped up. It's currently a bunny heaven. Great for the bunnies, but not good for my 'golf course back yard' goals. Nothing on the procrastination list was done yesterday, although I did get some things done that I'd been putting off that weren't on the list.

Felting Woes: Ok, the Yoga Mat Bag itself felted just fine. The strap is a different story. It's attached, so I can't do anything to one without the other. For some strange reason, the strap isn't shrinking in the middle. I've followed the instructions and am afraid to do any more agitation or the bag will only be big enough to hold pencils. It's all made out of the same yarn, too, so I have no idea what's up. Time for Google felting, I'm sure.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race