Friday, September 16, 2005

Road Trip and Sad News

Ok, we're going on a road trip today. Going to Dodge to pick up the pickup. I'm thrilled to see that gas prices are down to $2.49 as of yesterday. It's the weekend, so I'm expecting that to change. Funny how 2.50 would have had us screaming 'Gouge!' this time last year. Gotta love those lowered expectations.

I've had to pack our formal dress due to my hubby's cousin dying early this morning. Very sad. She had cancer. Her husband had died not even a month ago from a car wreck. They have two children, one in college and one in high school. I can't imagine being without either of my parents, and I'm ancient compared to them. Poor kids are orphans. Not getting into the dirty laundry of it, those kids were more the parents to their own parents. They're both very mature, responsible, and good people, like their grandparents. Thankfully, huh?

Knitting class went very well last night. We barely got to purl and didn't get to bind off, which is always sad, but since I had 20 people in there, I'm thinking cast on and knit are pretty good for two hours. To me, I should be able to teach everything about knitting in that time, but it's a very hands-on class. We don't go on until everyone has the technique somewhat down and are ready to practice. The only thing some students do that really irks me is say "Oh, you're just saying that," when I tell them they're doing well. Um, no, I'm not. If I compliment a person, they've deserved it, even if they don't believe it. That's when I reply, "No, if you were doing badly, I'd be over there helping you fix it." Then someone else will look up because I WAS over there helping THEM. :D

Ug. I woke up with a migraine that the Relpax isn't kicking. I need to finish packing, close up the house, pick up the kid, then pick up the husband for the road trip. Joy. I'm taking some works in progress for road knitting, too.

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