Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Woooo! (doin' the rock n' roll hands thingy)


Head out in style with an exclusive new car for your Sims!

Your Sim can turn heads all over town with an additional downloadable car. Get
ready to take on the night in your sweet new ride!

To download this exclusive new car, go to http://thesims2.ea.com/rave
and follow the onscreen instructions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have The Sims 2 Nightlife installed.

Car will be available as soon as the game ships. When you have your
copy of The Sims 2 Nightlife be sure to stop back and download your


Your friends at the EA STORE

Sims got cars! Sims got cars! Woooo hooo!

Oh man, I've so got to clean the house before the game gets here. It's a stupid computer game and I'm 40 years old, so I feel very foolish playing, but... The thing appeals to me on quite a few levels.

1. Neighborhood design. I can move the lots, empty, with homes, or with homes AND families occupying them. There's residential and commercial, where the Sims can shop, swim, snack.

2. The houses. Not only do I get to landscape to my heart's content, putting trees, flowers, and shrubbery wherever I want, I can also do and undo carpets and paints with a mouseclick. A new roof? NO charge! Furniture can be rearranged at will, plus, I know the more money cheat, just in case the family runs out of the green.

3. Creating people. From scratch, no less. Their hairstyle and color, eye color and shape, tweeking the facial features, clothes, gender. No one can change the body itself without some programming changes. I'm not that into the code, I'm into the asthetics. I also get to choose their personality traits and life focus. Such fun.

4. After creating people is creating people, as in, babies! The Sims 2 have little babies who then grow into toddlers. It's really tempting to give into the maternal side of me and adopt a housefull of babies, but they all need intense care. I've tried once and they were all taken away by the social worker. Too sad to try again. The mad scientist of me LOVES seeing what the DNA mix results in when a new baby is born. Sometimes, twins happens and that's fun, too.

5. Work. My Sims get to major in college things I never was able to major in, plus, they can change jobs at an instant. Very unlike real life. Also, the Sims go to work, increase their skills, keep themselves happy and healthy, and lo! They get promotions. Very much unlike real life. In some of the careers, when the Sim reaches the top, they're picked up for work in a helicopter. All the other Sims nearby cover their ears.

My baby sister also loves this game, and she's made the coolest movies with the video function of the game. I've not listed this as 6, because while it's possible, I totally reek at making movies. Which makes me appreciate others' work all that much more. :)

Speaking of cars... My in-laws up and bought a new van. It's odd, because usually my father-in-law will keep something until it falls apart, much to my mother-in-law's dismay. So they're giving us their pickup. Yay! It's a green, Ford, super (or extended) cab. Not only that, but we already have someone interested in Lemon. I've already warned Hubby to tell them the car is psychic. Of course they'll scoff and think we're stupid. That's ok. The first time they actually like the thing, it'll pop a hose, dump whatever fluid is handy, or a tire will fall off and roll by them. I'll miss having a convertable, but as unreliable as Lemon was, we didn't drive it that much, anyway. We're going to get it this Friday, since the tag is out this month. There's no sense in Hub's parents renewing the tag only for us to turn around and pay our state for the same thing. Plus, Kansas is much higher in its registration. Too bad gas is so expensive right now. I'd load it up and drive stuff around just to do it. LOL!

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