Saturday, September 10, 2005

The EXPURGATED version of "Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds"?!?!

After a wonderful chat with my Mom, I have realized that I speak as a sailor. My beloved Mother used flattery as in I'm too creative to resort to swearing as a means to express myself.

Gah! All right. After doing a search in here of choice words, oh no no no. I really AM using the blue words a bit much. Some of this started at the angst-soaked Diaryland weblog place. There, I used swearing as a way to show that I'm hip and edgy online. In real life, it's because I AM being sloppy vocabularily speaking, or just that angry. One can tell by the volume of my voice which it is. So I combed through and either replaced the worst of them or put in * where no other word could do.

Every time I talk to my Mom about my Dad's character traits, I feel like I'm backpedaling. It's weird that it feels like that, because, I'm feeling like I'm trying too hard to be sincere about being sincere. It's like saying 'honestly' before telling someone the truth and you've always been honest before that. Like HONESTLY honestly, or super-sized honestly.

What brought all that up was I was feeling self-conscious about thanking my Father online for a swear phrase. I really do love that phrase, especially when some guy cuts me off on the highway about an inch from my car. It's just so wonderfully descriptive, nothing else will do. Sometimes, a person is just acting that phrase and I can't help it.

I've not kvetched or exhaulted much on the parental units because, well, it's like talking about myself. That's what this is for, the whole weblog thing. I've always felt very much a part of my parents. Whatever I don't like about me are probably things they didn't like, either. LOL! The laziness, procrastination, and forgetfulness are sadly and uniquely my own. My Mom will say she forgets things, but I don't know... I don't think she does as much as SHE thinks she does. I do really love the traits and interests I have in common with them. Sometimes, I wish I shared more, but then, I'd have nothing new to contribute.

So while this will mostly belong in the 100 things about me list I'm compiling, here's a little riff on the parents. Personality-wise, they tend to be such opposites that I feel like I'm two different people in one person made from them. They have the same values and the same strong honorable streak as each other, but react differently in different situations. My father is very intense in a calm sort of way, while my mother is very calm in an intense sort of way. For both of them, their family is first and woe to anyone who harms or even talks bad about an offspring. Even though I'm ancient, it's wonderful to go home and say, "Dad, he was mean to me," and know my father will be on my side and be quite vocal about it. On the same hand, my Mom tends to really dislike anyone who's every been mean to her girls. She also is not happy with the current administration sending both of her son-in-laws overseas. I can't imagine Dad is, either, but he's more in sync with that 'what a man's gotta do' thing that we women. Finding a husband to equal my father's intelligence, work-ethic, and very not easy. There's a lot of guys whom I would have laughed at had they even suggested meeting him. Rather like serving poop to a chef. LOL!

Describing my parents is a lot like describing a rose, Mozart's music, or a much-needed rainstorm. Anything said could only touch a superficial surface and not really convey all the beauty within.

I think in a later post, I'll write about my sisters. While Fry is thrilled at being an only child, secretly I feel sad that she doesn't have the sisters I do. She does have them as aunts, though. Probably the reason why she likes having them all to herself as the only grandbaby so far.

A setup for the following conversation while I typed all this: Fry just turned 10 three weeks ago.

FryGirl: I have enough popcorn for one more movie. I'm watching one from my childhood.
MomCrone: From when you were a leetle beebee?
FryGirl: Yeah, from when I was in the single digits.

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