Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is there anything worse than the DMV? No. No, there isn't.

At the end of day one in my quest to get the pickup tagged...

No tag yet.

Getting the truck to pass inspection took all day. One place failed it due to the ball joints, which our mechanic checked out and found nothing wrong. Then the second place said a light was out on the truck's bed topper. They couldn't fix it because the light case was sealed shut. If anyone needs to break into it, I'd prefer my hubby tear it up. I'll probably have my Dad look at it, he can fix ANYTHING. Seriously. Neither place caught the 'failings' from the other place, which leads me to believe that both are garbage.

Eventually, the thing DID pass inspection, so I have that form, plus the property tax receipt, the bill of sale, the title transfer, and the odometer form. I'll have to have the application for Missouri title filled out there. I stood in line for only 15 minutes to find out about that and the tax receipt info. The receipt is really the fun one. We'll get a bill from the county for the tax, pay the thing, then that's it. Until...time to renew the vehicle tags. Then, after waiting in line for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes with no drink or bathrooms during the workday, that's when you find out that you needed a tax receipt from that bill paid in December. Did they mail it to you when you paid the tax??? Heck no! That would be too easy. So, after waiting to find this out, a person has to haul their pissed off little hiney to the courthouse to wait again in line for another 30 minutes, minimum. After paying a dollar for something everyone else in the U.S. GIVES YOU FOR FREE, it's back to the DMV to wait and see what else they needed that no one bothered to tell them about. Does the DMV have signs up that tell a person exactly what is needed for licenses, tags, titles? NO! That would ruin the bureaucracy's hellhole reputation.

Spelling is crap tonight, I know. Trying to care about it and just can't. At least I still know the difference between loose and lose.

This is in the Wow section: "Mayor Alan Tharling of Port Lavaca, a city on the Texas coast between Houston and Corpus Christi, is taking creative measures to make citizens take the threat of Hurricane Rita seriously.

Tharling says that the 1,000 or so die-hards who refuse to evacuate are being given permanent markers and asked to write their Social Security number, next of kin and a phone number on their arm or across their abdomen — so that returning officials can identify their bodies.

For the most part, Tharling has had few problems persuading residents to leave — Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the New Orleans area almost four weeks ago, has made believers out of most Gulf Coast Texans. Many of the Port Lavaca’s 13,000 citizens have already packed up and were on their way by Wednesday night. Many more are still streaming out, joining other evacuees in traffic jams as they head inland. "

Man! I think I'd find a way out of town...

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