Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kvetching about the Hurricane Relief

There you go. From one of my favorite weblogs, I followed her link and found this. It's why I'm angry. Also this, the bastards. Looting is fine when you're desperate, but honestly. Are you going to make a DVD stew, asshole? The phrase "chicken-sh*t son of a bitch" comes to mind (thanks for the phrase, Dad!).

The number of other countries willing to help us is amazing. Even the guy Pat Robertson wanted 'taken out' is wanting to send aid.

Is it just me, or is the current administration's attitude is, "They're poor black people and the white elderly about to die anyway. If we let them die, there will be more for us."

I've decided to give to the Salvation Army. The ones here in KC have actually loaded up vans and taken off for the afflicted areas. I'm sure Red Cross is doing the same, but I've not heard of it. My mother-in-law had been widowed for two years, my husband was five years old, when a flood destroyed their home. Almost all the possessions left of my father-in-law was ruined and had to be thrown out. When she went for help from the Red Cross, they turned her down. If she'd ever asked for help in her life, I'm not aware of it. Supposedly, this is why people give to the Red Cross, so that they'll help people who lose everything in a disaster. Oh well.

Something else I'm wondering. Today in the newspaper, I notice the mention of a church helping. This is the first I've heard of a church actively helping the victims. I hear a lot about giving and tithing, but not a lot about people actually doing anything. I wonder where all that money churches collect goes. With so many charities calling me every week, there's a lot of cash being raised, and yet, there's a lot of people needing help or on welfare.

No new yarn, and with all the catalogues coming in, it's been tempting. Yesterday was trim the trees and drop off the leaves day. I'm not sure what today is, so far, it's shaping up to be slug day. Monday was to be slug day while today was supposed to be get it all done so tomorrow is sluggy. Oh well.

Ok, here's the thing. I wanted to clear out and mulch cover the grass growing in the rose garden. I can't. It seems there's a little Peter Rabbit living there. I'll probably mulch part of the garden, the part where he doesn't 'hang out'. Then, in the fall or winter when he's hibernating, I'll finish up. The rose garden only has Rio Sambas in there, three bushes. They're quite lovely, as you can tell, and are really resistant to black spot. I'd been buying $30 containers of black spot removal spray to be applied every two weeks until finally just digging up all the bushes that loved getting the fungus. I didn't like spending the money, spraying chemicals, and THEN the stuff still not stopping the spot. The bushes would be stripped of leaves no matter what I did. While I do believe in better living through chemistry, sometimes too much really is too much.

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