Thursday, September 01, 2005

A New Phrase and Felting Blues

Superdome Evacuation Halted Amid Gunfire is an excellent example of the phrase "Sh*tting in their own nest." Most animals are smart enough to not wreck their own homes by using the restroom exactly where they sleep.

But then as I'm thinking about it, I'm totally mixing my pithy sayings. For the Superdome chaos, it should also be "Biting the hand that feeds you." Which it supremely stupid on their part, since the whole reason they're holed up in the Dome is because they're too broke, sick, or stupid to get out of Katrina's way. Bite the hand enough, and the hand is going to say "To heck with you," and let you starve.

So the fires are the sh*tting, while the shooting is the biting.

Mom called last night and we both think the emergency agencies need to get it together. How long were the experts saying catagory 5 catastrophic hurricane? Days? Are not the emergency people supposed to be good in said emergency?

I feel horrible for the people caught there, trapped and dying. There's nothing I personally can do, and if I tried, that talent I have for being in everyone's way would naturally occur. I'm rather angry, too, as a result of being frustrated. After living in Tornado Alley all my life, when there's hints of tornadoes, I'm ready. Even at my most sluggishness, when the sirens sound, we know what to do. We're lucky if we have 30 minutes to prepare, these people had 3 days. I know that some of them didn't think it was going to be that bad, and the levees breaking was very unexpected. When the sirens sound here and Fry isn't with her grandparents on the farm, I'm totally cool. When she's HERE, I'm executing the tornado drill. If there were someone in our household whose health depended on certain items, those certain items would be in the 'emergency area' of our house. I'm just thinking that if the weather said an F3 tornado was on its way, there would be some scrambling.

Since Hubby sometimes reads this blog... I'd like to fix up that corner of the basement where we hunker down. Reenforce it, then, when we get the new tv for the kitchen, we can put the old one there. The cable hub is there, so setting up the set in that corner is a piece of cake.

I'd like to do the "Make a mess to clean a mess" thing today. Our master suite areas are starting to look cluttered, again. I'm thinking I'll take all the items that don't belong and bring them downstairs in time for the soaps I'm sadly addicted to. Pile it all on the kitchen island and sort with an eye for tossing. It would also be really nice to get the back yard shaped up. It's currently a bunny heaven. Great for the bunnies, but not good for my 'golf course back yard' goals. Nothing on the procrastination list was done yesterday, although I did get some things done that I'd been putting off that weren't on the list.

Felting Woes: Ok, the Yoga Mat Bag itself felted just fine. The strap is a different story. It's attached, so I can't do anything to one without the other. For some strange reason, the strap isn't shrinking in the middle. I've followed the instructions and am afraid to do any more agitation or the bag will only be big enough to hold pencils. It's all made out of the same yarn, too, so I have no idea what's up. Time for Google felting, I'm sure.

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