Sunday, September 11, 2005

Like a Junky in the Pharmacy

It never fails. I read a few of my favorite knitting weblogs and off I go. Twitching like a ferret on speed, wanting to knit whatever is laying around the house. Until Hubby goes to bed, I'm working on the felted envelope purse, seen in a prior post next to the yoga mat bag. Which, is here, in a better picture.

Whenever I feel like finishing things up, or fixing terrible wrongs in my own designs, I'll have these to turn to:

First off is a lovely sweater for me. It would be a lot lovelier if I need not detach my ears to get it over my head. Serves me right for being creative with the collar.

But wait! There's more! Thinking I'd learned my lesson, here's a beauty entirely designed by me. Knitters in the know will see that Nikky Epstein's "Knitting on the Edge gets the credit for the charming cuff. The very boat boatneck neck is great on those with roundy shoulders, but with a gal like me... Let's just say in this, my shoulders never end. Ever. It's in the FIX ME pile in the living room.

This was to be a sweet little "Snow Queen" dress for my child a couple of years ago. Once I spotted the collar error, I totally quit work. Now it can fit my youngest cousin, who would look extremely charming in it. The thing could still fit my own Fry, but as a sweater. Once it's fixed and finished, I'll see who cries for it the loudest.

Are these a bunch of yarns piled on the scanner? Well, sure they are, but they're also future scarves for family members. Who will get what? I really don't know. The women in my family all have such different tastes. Sure, some of those tastes converge, but still. Everyone is so unique, it will be fun to see who wants what.

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