Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Now, What Was I Saying?

Man! I'm so tired! I can only imagine how rough the Fry and Hubs must feel. It's Tuesday and I'm pooped from the road trip. I even had the 'good' car to drive, which is really a Ford F-150 Lariat. Niiiiiice.

With the nifty radio, wonderful engine, large pickup bed, nice tires, and leather seats, you'd think any one of those would be my favorite things. Ha! Since I'm a shrimpy 5'3", the fact that the seat belt adjusts to my height is fantastic. I looooove it! Usually, the seat belts cut me across the neck, so I have to tuck them under my arm or wear a mock turtleneck to keep my neck from getting a rash. I'm the original "Princess and the Pea" and can't stand anything bumpy, itchy, or abrasive against my skin. Which is why knitting with pure wool is ok for the hands but not to wear.

Friday: drove and knitted while the passenger.
Saturday: counted coins, visited family, ate Chinese food.
Sunday: drove and no knitting while driving.
Monday: goofed off, taught class, goofed off some more.

It's been so deadly hot around here, due to the humidity, it's tough to be motivated to do anything more than get another popcicle from the fridge.

Current works in progress.... I'm trying so hard not to start the Rosy Fingers of Dawn shawl, seeing such progress on Snowball's web log. Since Seascapes and now Bird's eye are in the works, I don't want to start another lace project. I thought Bird's eye would be a lot easier, but I keep thinking that because it's easy, I don't have to pay attention and then goof the thing up completely. Long sentence, huh?
This is Bird's Eye Shawl, in Lion Brand Imagine. My mother-in-law liked the color, so this is for her. It's not that hard, just needs my concentration.

Progress so far on the Seascapes Shawl. I'm thinking I really should have done this in a seafoam green... There IS a mistake in there, or was, until I let the stitch run down to the mistake and fixed it back up. When I block, I'll smooth out the threads and even up everything.

Here is knitting for exciting television shows. The stitches are bunched up, so it looks too small again. It's not. Once a marker is in place, I'll do this new neckline in rib. No more need for detachable ears! Yay!

Here's something fun. The large, loose skeins are my dyeing project for the Rosy Fingers of Dawn shawl. I wanted something that would closer resemble the striking West Texas Sunrises, rather than the subtle shades of everywhere else's sunrise. We'll see how that goes... The little ball of Kid Merino is for the Summer in Kansas shawl, which may not be so much the summer as the FALL in Kansas after the wheat is cut and plowed under. THAT is the colorway of the fields in the yarn. So I may go with something a bit more bright wheatstraw and leave this for something else. That's a couple of shawls down the road, though. At this rate, I'll be 80 years old before I'm ready to start them.

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