Friday, September 30, 2005

I can resist anything but temptation

Yesterday, I went and did it. sent me their monthly newsletter and lo, the Peruvian Wool was still on sale and still had the colors I liked. At first, I thought a couple of skeins would be nice, just to felt up something. But no, I had the bright idea to make all three of us a sweater.

So this color is for me:

This color is for Hubby:

Then this is for Fry:

Officially or unofficially, I'm getting in on the action. I have plenty of 'guilt' projects, things started or yarn bought for others that I'd promised an eon ago. I think my long suffering husband deserves a couple of new sweaters, poor guy. It can't be easy, having a wife frequently kicking an empty box away from her saying, "No, no, that's not from Smiley's Yarn, Elann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Knit Picks, not at all."

Like, that'll fool a guy who's up on the debit and credit card purchases. Ha!

Speaking of buying, there's some cool shoes for Fry on sale at K-mart. She's growing so fast, I try to keep clothes for her on the inexpensive side. Just since school has started, she's grown half an inch. While I'm there, I can get the roses more mulch, then on to groceries. It's going to rain this weekend, and wouldn't it be nice to have the roses done, the bulbs planted, and the lawn edged just in time for October? (that's a hint to myself, by the way, and the main title DOES warn of drivel)

I love Fridays. USA has the Law & Order:SVU and Monk on all evening. On Fridays, I'll sit, watch, and knit without trying to get something else done at the same time. Usually, I'm doing dishes, folding clothes, or sorting papers while watching. My shawl Seascapes is sitting over there, saying, "So, why haven't you knitted me lately?" I'm thinking I'll pay attention to that tonight. There's only 5 high-concentration rows left and I'd love to knock them out of the way.

It's drag the Fry out of bed time! Yay!

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