Monday, October 03, 2005

No more shredding

Oh Lord have I shredded papers. Boxes and boxes of them. It seems my husband keeps every bit of paper he's ever touched. Ever ever. While I'm pretty good at boxing and forgetting, I have been known to toss stuff.

Which, I think, has gotten me into trouble. I may have tossed the folder with Lemon's registration. Maybe. There's one more place to look, and if it's not there... It's languishing in a dump somewhere. I'd probably threw it in a grocery bag while cleaning out the car, and just tossed the whole thing. The folder was pretty waterstained, anyway.

I'd spent the weekend emptying out the pickup, boxes and boxes of hubby's stuff. Then sorting papers, shredding the sensitive documents, and sorting some of Fry's school papers. The school papers need to be done while said child is at school, since she tends to dig through the rejects saying "Good times, good times," and wants to keep every single scrap of paper. Wonder which gene THAT is. I can't say too much. Whatever gene Dad has that makes him collect every bit of fishing supplies is the same gene Mom has that makes her run by the fabric remnant section of stores going 'lalalalala'. One look at my stash and you'll know DNA works.

Speaking of which, I've not done a bit of knitting since Friday. I've not been focused enough to lace knit, and don't know what to start next. I did sort the projects and pieced some baby layettes together. After reading my favorite weblogs, I'm going to have to do SOMETHING. There's too many cool things going on out there to keep my needles quiet.

The piano tuner is here, the house is a wreck from everything being drug out and sorted. Oh well. Heaven forbid someone comes over when it's company clean. I guess if I want to be a hermit, I need to keep everything around here 'just so'.

This just in my email:
Red Lobster
The Overboard Club
Dine for America

On October 5, 2005, Red Lobster Restaurants will be a leader in
"Dine for America," a national fundraising effort to support the
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and help those affected
by Hurricane Katrina. All Red Lobster restaurants across North
America will donate 100% of all profits on October 5th.

We’re proud to be part of the relief efforts and encourage you
to enjoy a great seafood meal while helping make a difference in
the lives of those in need.

We look forward to seeing you on October 5th.

Ow ow ow!!! Yer twisting my arm!!! Ow ow ow!!

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