Friday, October 14, 2005

All pain, all the time. A good reason to use the cut and paste cop-out.

After a brief break, the headache is back. With each menstral cycle there's a beginning, a middle, and an end migraine. Sometimes one is skipped, other times they all run together in one big blur. I'm thinking my middle and end migraines are doing just that. The pain isn't enough to 'kill' me, just enough to make the dsylexia worse. There's one little Relpax left. I'm taking it, then taking a nap with an ice pack. By the time Fry is home at 1pm, the headache will be gone and we can have a girls' afternoon out.

Scientists plan to clone extinct Tasmanian tiger. Did not ANYONE watch Jurassic Park? Anyone? I read the book but didn't see the movie. The ending totally turned me off to actually pay to watch the thing. I loathe, since hate is too mild a word, a 'Spielburg-ian" ending when only the kids can save the day. Gag. Anyway, today the Tasmanian tiger, tomorrow the T-rex.

Tonight on BBC America is THE funniest show, called "My Family". I was flipping channels the other night and they'd had two or three of these episodes in a row. It'll be on at 8:30 CST this evening. It's very much worth the effort.

This sounds like something said around here. Susan is the mom, Michael is the baby boy of the family.
Susan: You know, one day mummy and daddy will be old.
Michael: Hmm, you're already old.
Susan: I mean older.
Michael: How much older can you get?
Susan: The point is there may come a time when I need to be taken care of by my children and I just want you to be prepared to accept your responsibilities.
Michael: You mean "switch off the machine".

My favorite is Nick, the layabout son. He has the best lines of all and they play well off his father, Ben.

Nick: Has anyone noticed anything funny about that rabbit?
Ben: Yep. It's been here two days and hasn't asked me for money yet.
Ben: Has that rabbit been in its cage all morning?
Michael: They're just raisins. I think.
Susan: Oh, God.
Ben: It's all right, Susan, they're just raisins.
Nick: Driving school tells you to keep 2 hands on the wheel at all times, I mean what are they thinking of? I mean what are you supposed to do if you've got a phone in one hand and a kebab in the other?
Nick: Good evening. I believe you require my services.
[gives Abi his card]
Abi: [reading his card] "Nick Harper, Swimwear Model"?
Nick: No, turn it over.
Abi: [turns card over] "Nick Harper, Exorcist"?
Nick: That's right.
Nick: [to Ben] No, Dad, be careful! Holy water is expensive! It has the urine of seven virgins.
Michael: It's tap water.
Nick: I asked you to do one thing!
Nick: [Pointing Ben to beer bottle] Erm, Dad. Coaster goes under bottle.
Ben: It's a cardboard box.
Nick: Well, it's an antique. My interior designer says cardboard is the new walnut.
Ben: Yeah, if you live in a storage unit.
Nick: My gaff, my rules.
Ben: You constantly broke the rules in my house.
Nick: Never.
Ben: Nick, you built a moat.
Nick: OK, one rule.
Ben: You put a sunroof in the kitchen.
Nick: Did it rain?
Ben: You took a baby elephant into your bedroom.
Nick: Was that against the rules?
Ben: Yes.
Nick: I knew my circus days would come back to haunt me.
[Nick has a bag with 12 bottles of water in it]
Nick: Here's a tip. Never go shopping when you're thirsty.
[Nick is trying to chat up the much-pierced hotel maid]
Nick: I'm here for the tattooist's convention, actually.
Rita: Then why haven't you got any tattoos?
Nick: I don't use ink. I'm in it for the pain.
Rita: Oh? You into S&M? B&D?
Nick: Sure, S&M, B&D, Q, LMNOP, all the letters.

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