Monday, October 31, 2005

Mild weekend fun

Let's see, Saturday Fry was very ill. Ralphingly sick. Since I had a scarf class at 10:00am, Hubs had to do the paper route for little Fry. He was much faster than Fry and I, but, then he's an Army guy with longer legs than us girls. Hub's blessed with a runner's body, while I'm thinking Fry and I have the body builder's type. Happily, Fry has a lot more coordination than I do. If something is dropped or spilled, chances are, I'm the guilty party.

Ok, I've been bummed lately. It's the speed in which I knit. Which is NOT fast. I was grousing about this to the Hubby on Saturday. He asked how long I'd been knitting and how long some of my favorite bloggers had been. I don't have a problem with admitting he's right, just have one with my being goofy, and yeah, I was being silly in my self expectations. Then, this evening, I was catching up with Wendy's weblog. She's been knitting, she says, for four decades. I'm rather skeptical, since I don't think her mom let her knit in the womb, but ok, if she says so... When I informed Hubby of Wendy's time in the trenches, he said something along the lines of "And you've been knitting how long?" If I've been knitting 1/8th of the time Wendy has, then it's no wonder that I'm at 1/8th her speed. LOL!

Thinking I should be better than I am is a knee-jerk attitude of mine. Even if I were 'perfect', say in the working outside the home mom way, I'd still be lacking because I wasn't Donna Reed/Martha Stewart at home full time. If I could run marathons, I'd be upset because I couldn't bench 250 and vice versa. The 250 press goal, actually, is a lot more realistic for me. Odd, huh?

With Sunday's church stuff for Fry, then the girls' day out at the bookstore and lunch, she and I didn't get home until 3:30pm. By then it was dinner, straighten up the house, and just knit a bit on the yellow mitten. I'm finishing it as soon as I post, it lacks the very top end and the thumb.

We had a great time trick-or-treating. I forget how large Fry is for her age until she stands next to some really tiny fry. She's so tall!! She used to be so tiny, too! I love hanging out with her, she's very agreeable, yet opinionated and very much her own person. Fry is not a gal I'll be able to steer into being what I couldn't. Really, I don't want to tell her what to be when she grows up, I'd like to see what she comes up with on her own. Anyway, all the fall decor is up around the house, I spent most of the day on the holiday menu, and am SO in the mood for the holidays. We missed Toppa and her roommate trick-or-treating with us, they're both so funny and have more fun than the kids. They dress up and actually trick or treat! Isn't that the coolest? I wish they'd come over and get the rest of our candy. We had serious leftover of the Hershey's S'mores and those things are deadly. It's going to be jogging pants until the South Beach kicks in.

Tomorrow, I'm doing the NaNoWriMo and there's major anxiety. To prepare, I've been Googling publishers and thumbing through old Writer's Digests. Then, when my nerves wanted to fray, it hit me. I don't HAVE to publish anything. The novel could actually be written JUST FOR FUN. Wow. Imagine that. I can just write a story that I enjoy. No more, no less. In fact, I'd like to write a story that I personally want to read more than once. Not that it wouldn't be banal drivel, but it would be banal drivel that I find entertaining.

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