Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Goofball stuff just not worth the effort

Most 'official' writing leaves me cold. I love the AP style of 'just the facts' and loathe the local newspaper's way of over emotionalizing stories.

On the other hand, Brian Williams' writing on October 4th, 2005 is juuuuuust right. I get a feel for the people's plight without the excessive gagging metaphors. If I could find an online example of said metaphor, I'd link it. But of course, when I need a reference, there is none. Usually, it's on the front page and the first paragraph is something like, "PFC BlaBla is coming home from a tour in Iraq. He'd like to walk up to his wife and twelve kids, but he can't. His legs, now lying in a ditch somewhere under the desert sun, are horrible casualties of the war. BlaBla, while thinking of his family, cut off his own limbs in a heroic display of heroism.

While I'm not so hard-hearted as to mock injured service men or bad things that happen to good people, when our local news reporters do this sentimentalization on the stupid, well, that's just wrong. As in: Young Jimmy was only 17 when he started climbing telephone poles for fun. Bravely, he climbed the more difficult, the more challenging, every day seeking to surpass himself. Until one day, he made that fateful climb during the worst thunderstorm our area had ever seen. Sadly, Young Jimmy didn't think to get life insurance so his wife and twelve kids were financially protected. Now, the family is relying upon prayers and lottery tickets for their daily meals and clothes.

Enough of that. I should haul my lazy carcass outside and plant those bulbs. Where, though? Where? I'm putting this off until I have an actual game plan for these. They're too pretty to waste on a stupid squirrel.

Did you know that shredders could wear out? Their little blades won't cut as sharp, now. Time for a new one.

What did I get done from yesterday?
Some shredding, then put away the shred box and vacuumed the kitchen.
Sorted the knitting patterns and papers
Sorted Fry's school papers from pre-school to yesterday.
Put all the donation items in one box.

What does that leave?
Hanging and folding clothes from the laundry
Planting bulbs
Cleaning the garage
Sorting the owner's manuals.

I'm so unGodly sick of sorting papers and other garbage. But, I only have the owner's manuals, so maybe I'll do that during a movie today. Just to distract myself.

In honor of anti-procrastination day, I have these items to do as well:
? Edge the lawn
? Put up fallen siding
? Bissell all floors
? Cobwebs (even though this is October, I'm getting RID of cobwebs)
? Repot houseplants
? Curtain for Hubby’s office
? Change bathroom faucets
? Deal with living room books
? Paint laundry room
? Curtain for laundry room
? Fix bathroom switch
? Peel wallpaper in kitchen
? Paint kitchen

But wait! There's more, broken down, room by room:
? 1 Upstairs foyer-dust curio cabinet
? 2 Foyer-clean up hat rack
? 3 Dining room-dust inside hutch
? 4 Guest bathroom-wipe up underneath sink
? 5 Fry’s bathroom-fling some things
? 6 Master bedroom-clothes
? 7 Master bathroom-shop vac the bathroom
? 8 Hubs’s office-clean up desk
? 9 Laundry room-sort Fry’s papers Ha! Done! Ha!
? 10 Living room-deal with books
? 11 Kitchen-Bissell floor
? 12 Basement-Yarn room-examine damage, sort and shelf the books
? 13 Basement-finished-sort and store the scrap booking supplies
? 14 Garage-move the rocks to the backyard
? 15 Fry’s room-clean out closet
? 16 Basement-unfinished-get rid of hazardous waste (only old paint, let me know if you want it, seriously)-sort Hub’s clothes

What do I want to do instead?? This, of course!

Hm, some of the above items are only 5 minute jobs... I can do those, call it good, then on to the knitting. My order came in yesterday, and so THAT'S calling me, too.

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snowballinhell said...

Dull women have immaculate houses. Don't let it happen to you! Knit more! Who cares about the housework? The dustbunnies aren't competing with you for the remote control, are they?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race