Monday, October 24, 2005

Sad news in the land of Mittenville

That'll teach me to think "Pattern?! I don't need no stinkin' pattern!" Obviously, I do need one, if nothing else, to remind me what to do in the thumb area. There's been more than a few mittens made in my past, plus, I teach mitten classes. One would think I could knit from memory. This is one very holy mitten. So, I'm scrapping it and having a do-over this afternoon. While the bed sheets are drying, the needles will be clicking. Fry has Catholic classes and Karate, good sit-and-knit times.

On Friday evening, when I realized the mitten was crap, I started this, instead. My hats always tend to be too big. This one, I did a little on the too small size, and it's ended up juuuuust right. Like the scarf from earlier, the yarn has been pieced together from my bag of yellow yarns. I wished the fluffy bright yellow yarn had been longer in the hat, to have made a complete circle, but, whatcha gonna do about it? It's supposed to be random.

Weight, due to Chinese food over the weekend, is at 156. I'm surprised it wasn't higher. One bit of soy sauce and I'm a sponge. Don't EVEN want to put that in the diet software. Yuck. It'll give me that "Your weight is increasing," message that is such a joy. Cleaning house burns calories, right? Even knitting burns 2 calories a minute. Ha! Wonder which activity I'll do this afternoon...

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snowballinhell said...

There's something endearing about that malformed mitten.

What do you use for diet software? I wonder if something like that would make me more aware of the crap I consume and then wonder why I'm bloating and crabby because my jeans don't zip.

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