Thursday, October 06, 2005

Laughing, Yarn, and What to Do

I've discovered that Monty Python's is shown at 1:00pm CST every day on BBC America. Yesterday was the episode with the Dead Parrot Sketch, which is most people's favorite. Mine, however, is the Hell's Grannies. Give me a good 20-30 years and I'm signing up for the gig. Between that and USA Network's constant running of Scarface's line "Say hello to my little friend," which I totally take in the preverted way, I laughed all day.

Sometimes, I'll run across someone's blog entry that really hits home for me. This entry from Snake Surly is something that could totally happen in my life. The only totally different thing would be the cat on the table/countertops in the kitchen. I love Claude, he's a great cat, but I would totally freak if he were on the counters in any way. Thankfully, he's not a climber. The guy even grunts when jumping up onto our bed. Even though he's 17lbs, he IS NOT fat, he's just fluffy.

Sadly, or happily, depending on the point of view, I'm to never be a dull person with a pristine house. Snowball had an excellent suggestion yesterday, see comments. I did happen to whack at a few dustbunnies, the ones with fangs. I'm going to have to take out the glass shelves of hutches and the like to wipe them, since the feather duster's not doing the job. In the meantime, I worked on this:

After an entire evening, after having to unknit some rows for a do over, I have a feeling this particular skein is made from a narcotic. Either that, or made from Lay's potato chips. Once I get a length of novelty yarn knitted, there's another length begging to be done.

Speaking of things wanting to be done. I 'get' to run to the school, dropping off Fry's reading time log. She walks into the house the day before, knowing she's to bring this in the next morning. Five minutes before the bus, it's 'oh, by the way...' Fry KNOWS that I hate scrambling, looking for something I've not been the last one to see, and all before I've drunk to the bottom of my coffee cup. Maybe I'll have lunch with her and her friends. That'll be fun. They herd around me, all vyying for my attention. They're so cute, it's hard not to love on them.

Take them home, though, and they go nuts. Jumping in the pond, scrambling to walk on top of the play shed, rummaging through the pantry for snacks and wondering where's the junk food.

Upstairs foyer-dust curio cabinet
Hubs’s office-clean up desk (Hubs did this himself!! Yay!!)
Fry’s bathroom-fling some things (Fry did this herself!! Yay!!)
Curtain for Hubby’s office-Sewn and up on the rod already!

Quickies to do this morning, what's left of it:
Foyer-clean up hat rack
Dining room-dust inside hutch
Master bathroom-shop vac the bathroom

Things that will take a bit more time:
Garage-move the rocks to the backyard
Deal with living room books
Repot houseplants

Things for outside:
Edge the lawn
Figure out where to, then plant bulbs
Put up fallen siding (I've wasted more time typing this than it would have taken to actually do this. Gah!)
Bring the cut up branches and sacks to the front for Saturday (there's rose bushes involved, not fun)

Things I'm way too lazy to do but must anyway:
Bissell all floors
Master bedroom-clothes
Living room-deal with books
Fry’s room-clean out closet
Basement-unfinished-get rid of hazardous waste-sort Hub’s clothes
Basement-finished-sort and store the scrap booking supplies

Things that require a commitment:
Change bathroom faucets
Paint laundry room
Fix bathroom switch
Peel wallpaper in kitchen
Paint kitchen

Things I'm afraid to do:
Basement-Yarn room-examine ceiling damage (from the bathroom above??)

Update: Hubby, after me saying "It could be there...", found the waterstained folder containing the papers related to Lemon. They were in the acordian file folder, as suspected. Whew and yay!

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