Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ok, but make it quick.

Here's something this blog has never seen: A SHORT post.

Decluttering and the usual daily tasks around here are the most exciting things to have happened. Yep, a thrill a minute and that's fine by me. Hopefully tomorrow is as action packed as the last two days.

Weight on Tuesday was too good to be true at 154, it's back to 155. I'm just happy it's around there, instead of in the 160s or so. I spaced on Fit Tv's Total Body Sculpt, letting newspaper delivery take its place. Fry is the boss and I follow with the newspaper bag. She tends to mosey, instead of hoofing it. That'll change once winter's wind kicks her in the butt.

Coffee, chocolate ice cream, and some fun knitting. Sounds like a good plan for tomorrow, as long as it's all sugar-free. Buhwa ha ha ha!

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race