Friday, October 07, 2005


Fridays are when I look at my to do list, and with a sneer, think "I'm not doing that shi-tuff."

The NEW Dones are:
Foyer-clean up hat rack
Dining room-dust inside hutch
Master bathroom-shop vac the bathroom
Repot houseplants (I need to migrate the plants back into the house before a hard freeze)
Sorted the Owner's Manuals (Yay!!)

Quickies to do this morning:
Master bedroom-clothes

Things that will take a bit more time:
Deal with living room books

Things for outside:
Garage-move the rocks to the backyard
Edge the lawn (I already need to mow the lawn again, bleh)
Figure out where to, then plant bulbs
Put up fallen siding
Bring the cut up branches and sacks to the front for Saturday

Since I have what could be considered a 7 day workweek, Fridays are my quasi goof off day. The work is certainly a labor of love, keeping everyone happy and healthy. The only bad thing about it is it's like I'm on call 24/7. It's Grocery day! Shopping, errands, and cleaning out the fridge are the only things I must do.

Although, to be fair, after lunch with Fry (such fun!), I made an epic journey to Knit Wit to show off the scarf. This is it:

Of course, turning me loose in there is like putting Dean Martin in a bar and expecting him not to drink. Or for you younger types, putting Linsey Lohan in a car and expecting her not to crash. An example? Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Tuscany. I bought every skein they had of the color, 1000 yards total. I'm thinking that could make a decent shawl. Most patterns for this are socks, but do I really want to put this gorgeous stuff on the floor? It's 100% wool. With some nylon or acrylic, sure, but the pure stuff? Hmmmm. Once Bird's eye and Seascapes are done, I'll start this, I think. But then, Poinsettia, Rosy Fingers of Dawn, and Summer in Kansas are waiting, too.

Fry was ill last night, thankfully in the bathroom, and so is home from school today. As soon as the bus is gone and the phone call to the school is made, her recovery is amazing. I know the ladies at the school think I'm hard hearted, trying to send her on, but honestly, if they heard her nag to play outside, eat everything in the house (not much since this IS Friday), and swing from the ceiling fans, they'd be a lot more understanding. So this is Friday AND Fryday. I'm the official pillow-fluffer and clear soda fetcher today. As long as I'm knitting on something for HER and watching movies with her, she's happy.

Since I do happen to have the Guilt button up to the left, and it is rather chilly in here...I'm working on Fry's blanket as my easy project. Here's a sample: Intermediate and above knitters will see that it's a variation on the Old Shale pattern. Bargain-minded knitters will see that it's Red Heart's Light and Lofty. Any time I try to knit this and it's above 75F, the blanket is too warm. She picked the color to match her lions (lots of them, stuffed of course). Fry takes being a Leo very seriously.

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irishchain2000 said...

The new wool looks good enough to eat! I Really like the first scarf pictured, although all your knitting is just lovely! have a fun weekend and remember I LOVE YOU!!

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