Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Watch my Boneless Chicken trick!

I've taken my energy vitamins, can almost see the bottom of my morning cup of mud, and yet, all I want to do is my best boneless chicken impersonation. Instead, here's a list of things I should be/need to be doing:

Put away all the clean clothes
Finish the shredding
Plant bulbs (before tomorrow's rain would be nice!)
Sort and file knitting papers (design ideas, patterns, etc)
Put clothes and books to donate in the garage for delivery
Straighten up the garage so I don't have to walk sideways
Sort and file Onwers manuals (we have every manual for everything we've ever owned)

Fry is going to a pizza party after school. Isn't that the sweetest? It's so cute how she and her friends call each other to chat. They're still young enough that they have little girl voices over the phone. The pizza party means I have from 4 to 6 pm to myself today. What to do, what to do... Ha! Knit, of course. It's usually dinner hour, so, I'm thinking crockpotting some barbeque chicken drumsticks.

My weight is probably a little over 155 but under 160, I'm scared to weigh, what with the weekend sweets pig out all of us did. Dinner tonight will be low fat, low carb, since despite the mini-period, PMS is on the horizon. The gym has been 'calling' me lately, I'm going to have to go next week and get started on that fitness thing.

In the meantime, I have tons of housework to use as a workout. My life could probably use more excitement, but then, I'm glad that this is as 'exciting' as it gets.

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