Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Fun!

I found a new blog that's a hoot. It's wonderfully in its ugliness. The yellow mitten belongs there, certainly. The nice thing is, my family members won't wear something if it's nice. They want to save it and not ruin whatever item I've given them. So, if I want them to use their gifts, the said gifts need to be horrendous.

In the interest of this, I've decided to knit up a batch of these for all the girls in my family. Unless there's any protest, I'm making a pair for everyone in these colorways. Enjoy! If Blogger's picture uploading was working this morning, I would have just posted the pictures, but noooooooo.

Toppa would say I love these, but no. I may have some Softwist lying around, but not for this. Never for leg warmers. It bears repeating: Don't wear things from the decade in which you attended high school. Especially if it were 20+ years ago.

Fry will be home early today! Yay! We're doing a girls' afternoon out, getting a few groceries and treats. She's a fun kid. Also, she's a weed. Seriously. When school started in late August, she was 4'7". Now she's 4'8". Fry already tries to run off with my shoes, plus, we both have some white sneaks that switch owners all the time. She might raid my closet soon, once she figures out that she can. The kid has already made off with all my lip balms. On the plus side, I'll get her hand-me-downs. Now when I shop for her, I'll need to make sure there's no Hello Kittys anywhere. Recycling is gooooood.

Ranting: In June, a judge in Edinburgh, Texas, accepted a plea bargain in which Robert W. Thompson, 46, who had pleaded no contest to aggravated sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl, was sentenced to no jail time but 320 hours of community service, to be specifically spent knitting afghans. (The judge was sympathetic to Thompson's frail heart condition.)

Um, ok. That's punishment? Fine, but he has to use US size 0000 needles (about the size of a sewing needle for the non-knit savvy), crochet thread in fluorecent colors, AND make them all for king sized beds. One a week or he'll be flogged.

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