Saturday, October 08, 2005


Ok, how about this. Instead of playing "Let's see who can have a natural disaster with the most casualties", how about "Let's see who can have a natural disaster with the LEAST casualties?" Bonus points if your natural disaster CURES people.

No class today, the library cancelled on me yesterday evening. Tonight is fend for yourself night on the dinner thing. Pythonathon on BBC America tonight, Law & Order:SVU back to back episodes. So it's either laugh or sex. By the time I get home from picking up Fry from her Aunt Toppa's house, the sex will be over. She'll be home just in time for laugh.

These are the featured episodes in the Pythonathon: 29, 26, 25, 18, 15, 14.
Click here for sketches 14 thru 26.
Click here for sketch 29 or thereabouts.

They're worth the effort. I'm thinking, popcorn, massive amounts of soda, chocolate, possibly... Chinese food? Knitting? Sigh. What a nice Saturday night.

Speaking of night, I'm not liking this sunset thing. I'm not ready for the sun to be completely set by 7:00pm. Eventually, at our latitude, it'll be dark at 5:30pm CST. Too dark, too cold. Anyone in Canada, Holland, Siberia, or Iceland would be saying "Quit whining already. You're lucky you HAVE light this time of year."

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