Monday, October 10, 2005

World Events

Scientists: Mt. Everest Only 29,017 Feet

Welllll, shi-oot. Good thing I kept the receipt on those llamas I'd bought for the trip. The Nepalese tour guide deposit? Lost, of course. I mean, I'm not wasting my time climbing something that's only 29,017 feet when I'd thought I'd be climbing something more in the 29,029-29,035 feet range. Complete waste of time and I've already started unpacking my bags.

That was some earthquake, huh? Every time I check the news, I exclaim "Good Lord!" at the death count. I really don't think you could pay me enough to live in California. Being near the New Madrid fault line is bad in of itself. While I'm thrilled we're getting Chinooks over there to help, the day after, even, it's shameful in the light of how long those people in the Superdome went without. Not only is Mother Nature socking the world with earthquakes and hurricanes, Guatemala's mudslides wiping out whole villages adds to the tragedy. All of it is just really sad. Not just sad in the I-dropped-my-icecream-cone way, but the hell-in-a-handbasket way. Makes a gal wish she had the powers of a deity, just to fix up some of the mess.

I would suggest that if a person isn't in the habit of frequent hand washing, it's something they want to develop. The bird flu might not make it to the USA. Then again, I'd hate to be caught unaware. When I programmed computers at a hospitals, even us techs had to go to Universal Precautions class. Personally, I think the precautions ought to go beyond blood-borne pathogens.

Little Fry has a meeting on Wednesday with the newspaper office. She's going to be a news carrier! This is a nice neighborhood, and we'll keep a close eye on her. I think she'll be fine. It's always scary when your baby does something so grown up as get a job. Even if the baby is more than 3/4ths your own size.

The NEW Dones are:
Basement-Yarn room-examine ceiling damage (from the bathroom above?? Yes, it is, from when I replaced the faucet and didn't use plumber's tape. Not a lot of water leaked, but enough.)
Master bedroom-clothes
Basement-unfinished-Three BIG boxes of papers and books! Plus, I sorted the VHS tapes and baby toys with help from Fry and Hubs. They do great work!

Quickies to do this afternoon:
Put up fallen siding
Mow the lawn
Garage-move the rocks to the backyard

Things that will take a bit more time:
Deal with living room books
Garage-move the rocks to the backyard

Things for outside:
Edge the lawn
Figure out where to, then plant bulbs
Bring the cut up branches and sacks to the front for Saturday

Things I'm way too lazy to do but must anyway:
Bissell all floors
Fry’s room-clean out closet
Basement-unfinished-get rid of hazardous waste-sort Hub’s clothes
Basement-finished-sort and store the scrap booking supplies
Haul off the 'to donate' items

Things that require a commitment:
Change bathroom faucets
Paint laundry room
Fix bathroom switch
Peel wallpaper in kitchen
Paint kitchen


snowballinhell said...

I had to quit watching the news this weekend. I'm inundating myself with depressing information and will wind up with a corresponding depression very, very quickly if I don't limit my news consumption. The world, as usual, is in a desperate condition, and I'm hoping numbness takes over soon.

irishchain2000 said...

Speaking of yard work, mowing, edging and such, you should see the yellow iris you gave me this spring! The first week in October and I have three huge iris blossoms right outside my dining room window. What a wonder! Am making my flower bed about double what it was. I love the way the air feels in the fall all crisp and clean. LOVE YOU

Laura said...

Replying to yard work, since I'd already replied to Snowball via email... Oh wow! Lucky you! None of my rebloomers ARE reblooming. But then, they weren't even supposed to bloom this year. Fertilizing my iris is something I need to add to my to-do list, too.

I get the most done around the house, cleaning, knitting, planting, when the world is at its worst. I have to be able to improve SOMETHING on Earth.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race