Thursday, October 20, 2005

I love quizzes

Ever since the early days, when I read Cosmopolitan, I've loved those little quizzes. Of course, back in the early 80's, they were paper only. Now that they're online? Bonus!

Today's quiz is personality! Yay! Every so often I'll test out as something different, probably softer around the edges or a bit more anti-social, but always come back to this: My Bloginality is ENTJ!!!

My husband and I had to take the Myers-Briggs test back before we married. The church made us, not made-made, since I do love the quiz, but if we wanted that church... So anyway, he's been the same INTP for ages. Or is that IFTP? Mine changes so much I can't remember his. Bleh. When he and I are alike, we're very alike. When we're different, we're totally opposite. We have the same core values, but where people love to make him happy, they love to piss me off. I use this trait of his to my own advantage, having him talk to people that I know will jerk me around. He's very excruciatingly detail oriented, while most times I can't make myself care. The things he's happy and optimistic about, I'm certain are doomed from the start. It's nice though, this opposites thing. When one of us is under the bed sobbing "We're all going to die!", the other is saying "Um, I fixed it already. Stop being such a weenie." I'm usually under the bed about finances, while he tends to do that about mechanical things. Figuratively, of course. We store empty suitcases and my preserved wedding dress under there.

I'm going to have to start socks. Grumperina has the prettiest ones, and I've already bookmarked some lacy socks that I think Snowball did. Their blogs are to the left. Such beautiful work, I'm itching to make socks of any kind right this minute. Not a big deal to do, I know, but last night I made up a 'Magic Ball' of yarn for Toppa's hat and mittens, like the scarf earlier. Maybe after laundry's finally done, I'll have a knit-a-rama this afternoon. Spiff up the house, eat some lunch, watch soaps and knock out a few UFOs so that by this weekend, while I'm carting Fry around, I can bring some sock knitting with me.

Don't know how the diet's going, haven't weighed yet. I'm not too concerned about the ups and downs of day to day, as long as the general trend is down.

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