Friday, October 21, 2005


To heck with perfect, let's go for SUMO! Woo hoo!!! A round of cheesecakes and triple fat lattes, on the house.

Weight, however, really IS good. A lovely 154 both today and yesterday. Could be better, but could have been worse.

We're all going to a cornfield maze tonight with Toppa and Co. We're all looking forward to it, Toppa makes everything fun.

My next scarf class, on the 29th is already full. Isn't that the neatest?

In the Warm Hands knit-a-long, I'm almost done with the first mitten. If not for the cornfield, the second would have been started this evening.

Tomorrow night, veggie night. As in, I'm going to do my best to resemble a vegetable with only the knitting needles moving. I'm helping Fry do the paper route, then lessons, then home.

Off for groceries. It'll be packed with the after work crowd. Yay.

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