Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Still tired today, plus HUNGRY. OMG! I've had my 1200 calories for the day, plus, just couldn't workout on the stairs for a full 30 minutes, only did 18.

I replied to the CK bitch with a "You asked, I answered" and no one's posted a thing. Bitch.

::scrambling for the Zoloft bottle::

I've been half asleep all day today, very odd for me. I'm sleeping a lot more, too, but not oversleeping, I don't think. Usually, I get 6-7 hours, but lately have been sleeping that plus 3 hour naps. I think tomorrow instead of napping, I'll workout myself awake. I have a hour of housecleaning and another hour of yoga scheduled. Something to stretch me out a little. :) The house is so clean now, it's hard to come up with something to do. Very nice.

I'm still doing the daily tasks, but the printer is on the other computer, and since this is midweek, I'm printing the new one on Monday. As long as I water the plants on Friday, procrastination won't hurt. ;)

Hey! There are 13 adults and 5 teens in my knitting class tomorrow night. Tres cool! They'll have fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Someone Needs a Valium, Obviously

I thought I was tired on the 11th.


Everything hurts, even the muscles in my fingers.

This lady on the calorie king forum has pissed me off by asking me a question, then answering 'Whatever' to my answer. That's one of THE fastest ways to anger me, I HATE that.

What a pig.

I'm your best friend until you're an jerk, then I loath you forever.

Jesus forgives, *I* don't.

Friday, April 11, 2003

The nice thing is that I'm consistantly inconsistant.

Also very tired. I work on the house plus work out during the day. This means if I want to goof off, I do it at night between 9pm and 3-4am. Up at 8, so at most I'm getting 5 hours a night sleep. :P Must work on that.

House is a hell-hole despite whatever I've done. I do have three perfect rooms in the house, though, right down to the oiled baseboards. I have four hours of house cleaning scheduled, if nothing else, for the calories. Wanted to update this, though, before I take a nap.

Down to 162, yippee!!!! I'm also logging in my stuff at Here's the daily counts of food and stuff: Laura's Public Calorie Log

I'm brutally honest. If there's a choco bunny binge, it's logged. I'm working to keep the calories eaten to under 1000.

It doesn't tell you how much I've worked out, though, and since my weight loss is sluggish, I've ramped up my workout. Here's the goal: 15 mins of yoga, 30 mins of Jane Fonda and 20 mins of Billy Blanks, 20-45 mins of stair climber. This is supposed to be every day with weight training for the upper body added on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Kazaa has been eating up my time. We're dialup so downloading anything takes aeons. I have new cds burned with fun music that keeps me moving.

Today's tasks:
Call insurance company
Clean house for four hours-I'm not being specific, it all needs a good scrub.
Grocery shop for the week-NEED COFFEEEEEE!!!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

It's been a month? Where has the time gone?

I've been busy.

Erasey erasey. I've not been following much of anything.

Uncle died, very very sad, saw family, very very good. I love my cousins, they're great people.

Check engine light was a sensor which is being fixed as I type this.

Did new sweater for BIL (brother in law), he likes it. Working on fish-shaped socks for Dad and afghan for friend.

What the heck was I talking about on the happiness journal?? Whatever?

Kits sales are way down. First class sales equals all other classes' sales. One more class until November, so I'm not earning until then. Oh well. We're getting a healthy tax refund (meaning we don't have to pay in for the first time in YEARS!!) and are refinancing the house, so maybe the depressing financial cloud because I quit work and "work=money=worth as a human being" will lift that follows me. (trying to keep my participles from dangling)

Need to watch Animal Cops and becoming those people... :0 House is messy and the pets need care. Will get child to help, since they're her pets.

Ok, I'd lost down to 161, then ate my way back up to 165, I think. Actually, it's 'that' time (like you REALLY wanted to know), and I'm one of those 'bloaters' that balloon up by 3-8 lbs for 1-2 weeks a month. I spend half the year as the Sta-Puff marshmallow guy. :P

On the PLUS side, 165 is my new personal high weight, lowering the previous 170 limit, plus, I can still wear size 10s, even at 165, so I know it's water weight. Now, my goal is to set 160 as the high weight, which means I need to get down to 155. :P

I can do this. I work out for no less that 30 minutes a day, whether at the gym on the stair climber (burns 260-330 cals, depending on if I go 30 or 45 mins), or with the aerobics tapes at home. Jane Fonda's 1980's tape is my favorite, it works for me. The Billy Blanks Kickology is almost too easy and is fun to do with my child. We'll sometimes do that. Then, too, I need to do more of the Yoga because I've been skipping it for the past week. Going to the funeral really messed up my workout schedule, but it was so worth it. Now when I think about working out, I do it for my uncle and do it because he should have. It would have kept him healthier and he died way too young at 61.

I do need to post my food journal. It varies from 1000-1800 calories a day, plus, now that I'm on Calorie King, I'll get an accurate pic of what my nutrients are.

Also, there's something else I need to try. Sleeping. Seriously. We bought a new computer over the weekend and it's fun. I've been too busy surfing and looking for Sims things to update this. :D Went to bed at 3:00am the night before, then 4:00am last night. Of course I still wake up at 8:00am to get the child to school and have been too busy running errands to take a nap. I have a few loose ends to wrap up today, but as soon as I'm done typing this, I'm taking a nap. I'm a total of seven hours behind in sleep from the last two days alone, never mind that I seem to stay sleep-deprived. (PMS causes insomnia. So does a new,4x better computer!!)

Tasks today:
Mail bills
Workout (Yoga, then Fonda)
Errands with child (must get cat food and litter!!!!!)
Pick up husband
Clean for 2 hours (added in the calories burned into my online cals burned journal for the day)

This is in my preferred order, things could change and always do.

Nap time!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race