Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Still tired today, plus HUNGRY. OMG! I've had my 1200 calories for the day, plus, just couldn't workout on the stairs for a full 30 minutes, only did 18.

I replied to the CK bitch with a "You asked, I answered" and no one's posted a thing. Bitch.

::scrambling for the Zoloft bottle::

I've been half asleep all day today, very odd for me. I'm sleeping a lot more, too, but not oversleeping, I don't think. Usually, I get 6-7 hours, but lately have been sleeping that plus 3 hour naps. I think tomorrow instead of napping, I'll workout myself awake. I have a hour of housecleaning and another hour of yoga scheduled. Something to stretch me out a little. :) The house is so clean now, it's hard to come up with something to do. Very nice.

I'm still doing the daily tasks, but the printer is on the other computer, and since this is midweek, I'm printing the new one on Monday. As long as I water the plants on Friday, procrastination won't hurt. ;)

Hey! There are 13 adults and 5 teens in my knitting class tomorrow night. Tres cool! They'll have fun.

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