Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is it naptime yet?

I love taking a nap. Our bedroom is so serene and mostly clean, that anyone who is near the bed has a tough time staying awake. In summer, the cotton sheets are cool, in winter, the flannels are warm. It and our dining room are my favorite rooms, even more so than my yarn room. One of our windows had a leak due to termites (and the home inspector inspected WHAT, again????), and since the yarn room is in the basement near the leak, it needs work. Sheetrock is heavy and I just can't get in the mood for major construction, so that's a Anti-Procrastination day event.

Wednesdays are my Anti-Procrastination days. It doesn't matter what, I need to do something I've been putting off for ages. Sadly, there are a lot of things on my list, such as:

? Fix Car roof
? Roof repair-get estimates
? Dental plans-find one
? Put up fallen siding-can do today!
? Bissell all floors-Thanks to the cat, the kitchen needs it today
? Curtain for Dirk’s office & laundry room-I need to sew them
? Change bathroom faucets-ug, maybe this weekend when I have helpers
? Deal with living room books-it's the zone for today, ala Flylady, so, ok
? Laundry room clutter-four years of school papers. ug.
? Fix bathroom switch-playing with electricity! again with the helpers.
? Fix master bathroom shower drain-homework today is "How Not to Flood the Kitchen"
? Paint laundry room-See "Laundry Room Clutter"
? Peel wallpaper in kitchen-I can do that in bits! Ok.
? Paint kitchen-See above

Refusal of Birth Control

Ok, so, I'm wondering...

When pharmacists refuse to give a woman birth control because it's wrong to prevent the birth of a child, does that mean they save all their own semen when they wank? After all, if it's wrong to prevent a woman's egg from naturally ripening, then isn't it wrong to evacuate the swimmers without a goal? Even the Bible has the 'no seed on the ground', and yet, it doesn't mention anything about preventing the fruit from ripening. If every egg is sacred, so is every sperm. So guys, you MUST use every single ready and willing sperm, just like women must use every single egg.

In my personal life, I'm very conservative. I'd do a lot before I'd go on welfare, abortion is not an option, and I get really tired of the filth that passes as entertainment in the media. There is prime time for family viewing and after prime time for when the kids are in bed (or supposed to be) with the line between the two becoming more fuzzy every day.

In my public life, gay people don't bother me, I think people should be able to choose for themselves on major life decisions, and that heathcare should be accessible to all tax paying Americans. I think we should help the illegal aliens but not at the expense of the true citizens. I think democracy works great for us in the US, but is not a blanket form of goverment for every culture in the world.

I think that I can't tell anyone else what to think, no matter how much the control freak part of me would like to. I also think that I love to hear what other peoples' point of views are, just as long as I'm not forced to agree no matter what.

The Yoga mat bag's strap isn't felting like it should. I'm rather not happy about this. Maybe a heavy wash in hot water. I'll figure it out in the morning. :(

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scarf Class Last Night

A good time was had by all, I think. That, and I made beaucoup bucks. Bucks are handy because they help with the yarn addiction and class materials. I charge at or even a bit below what I paid. Usually, cost of materials are covered by the amount changed. Thank goodness for Smiley's Yarns. I love those guys.

Stash enhancement time!

Yesterday, I went to an LYS. Found some more Merino Lace from Skacel in white for the Spider Web shawl. Once I got home, and after reading the yarn requirements, I should have bought two skeins. Serves me right for doing the spontaneous thing, huh? I also found this in Taupe Mix for the Summer in Kansas, but after Hubby and I agreeing that it in no way looks like anything but maybe Fall in Kansas, I'm going back to the Knit Picks wishlist of mine. In the meantime, I'm designing something else for the mohair.

Between shopping for yarn, grocery shopping, and class, I didn't really get a chance to finish up the Yoga Mat Bag, but am a few rows away from being done. I'll be felting the thing by noon, though! Yay! I'm so ready to have it completed. It's my first felting project and I'm dying to see how it turns out.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Navin Moments!

Comments! I have comments!! Congratulations to Snowball, THE first commentor on my blog ever!

Although, I'm sure that if there'd been comments available on the entry where I mention that Hubby has zero mechanical ability, there'd been a tart comment online from him. Especially since he DID make a tart comment in real life. I knew he had the link, didn't know he took the time to read my drivel.

Just to make sure, and because I've been called weird by more than one person in my life, I took this test:

You Are 60% Normal
(Really Normal)

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal
You're like most people most of the time
But you've got those quirks that make you endearing
You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so!

But then, after this:
You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Now I'm wondering what the other 10% is?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a quickie...

Elann AND Berroco have emailed me their newsletters. With that then Knitpicks and RamsWool catalogues in the mail yesterday... It's like giving Vicodan to a junkie. Like, I'm SUPPOSED to resist? Crap. Look at this and tell me you're unmoved. Really. Tranquil Lagoon and Spiced Wine, near the bottom, have these lovely subtle shades within the strands. Must. Put. Back. Debit. Card.

On the other hand, things like this are just not good. Don't go there, ever. Bad color, bad design, what every relative of a knitter fears on Christmas day.

(later edited to better display this "don't")

Grocery Day!

Friday is my grocery day and I love grocery shopping. Have no idea why, since the stores are usually crowded, overpriced, and people drive like maniacs. I think it's once everything is put away, I feel ready for anything. I'm armed with a shopping list sorted by section then alpha, then while I'm putting the items away, I'll clean out the fridge and pantry at the same time. I can keep the pantry full, but really need to let the freezer empty a little. I'm dying to paint the laundry room and will need to be able to move the tall freezer out from the cubby. There's no way I can leave the walls white behind. Yech. Shopping later, since I'd gone to the store on Monday and there's still some Diet Pepsi in the house. You should see how feral Fry and I get over the last can of Diet Pepsi. Yes, we're addicts.

Neighbor guy came over yesterday to borrow Basalmic vinegar and thyme, and of course the house was a mess. Advanced knitting class was a ton of fun, the students loved the samples I'd knitted up, but I'd got back home at 3:45. The dishes had soaked to freezing, of course (see yesterday) and the stove sorely needed a good wipe-down. Sigh. I need to get out the timer, doing the 15 minutes a room crisis cleaning TODAY. It'll be great for the weekend, all play and no work on Saturday and Sunday.

I should care what I weigh, but for some strange reason, I've had insomnia and have been eating at night. It's probably around 155-157, but I don't want to even look. Not in the mood. I'll be good this weekend, then start Monday with the workout program, whichever I choose.

In the spirit of Navin R. Johnson: I'm somebody! Wendy, of Wendy Knits emailed me! I'd commented on her recent lace project, which, she'd designed herself, and asked a question about HER longhair cat's claws. Claude has talons and is not afraid to use them to get what he wants. I'd seen pictures of her Lucy loving on the shawls and just knew Claude would have to be "Jaws of Life"ed from them if he'd done the same. Sure enough, Lucy is declawed and I'd heard from the great Wendy herself. Wendy is THE fastest knitter I've ever seen AND has a good eye for colors. Most, if not all, of the knitting blogs I read, knit-focused or not, have excellent knitters writing them. They also have to post every three days or so, or I'll lose interest and remove them from my "Read daily" folder. I love to see the other knitter's progress. Sometimes, it's comforting when I've not done much, but mostly, it's challenging because, I've not done much. :)

I'm so wanting the yoga mat bag strap to be done. The swatch was felted yesterday, which is cool. Too bad the stitches were perfect, because the felt obscured them.

Back in the olden days, we 'showed' pigs in the livestock fairs. Other girls showed sheep, washing and blowdrying them. Felting the wool reminded me of the smells back then, only happily, without the manure smells that tend to go with those things.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hubby Has a Wonderful Suggestion

As in: "Why don't you knit up a tester before you throw that (the yoga mat bag) into the wash?" You mean, DON'T fly by the seat of my pants and hope it doesn't go to heck in my handbasket with me??? Gosh! Never thought of that. Seriously, I didn't, so I'm halted on the handle and working on a bit of swatch for the felting thing.

Thanks to some vastly entertaining knitblogs and my new copy of Van Dyke's restorers catalogue, I've not got anything done except eating a breakfast bar (chocolate) and drinking two cups of coffee. I have bills to mail, a class to teach in Weston at 1:00pm (advanced knitting!! fun!!), and a shower to take. ::covering up the time:: Doing the soaking dishes would be good, too. Especially before the water goes from boiling to freezing.

I spent yesterday evening going through my health and fitness ripouts from magazines, tossing the not applicable ones and sorting the others. I'll devise a menu and workout plan from them, soon. The activity part of my life has been minimal, so... Nutrition has been good. We've been South Beach over here, some whole grains and very limited sugar. All the lean meats, fruits, and veggies a person could eat. I've learned that when a person dumps 4-5 bags of those 100 calorie bags of Pecan Sandies into a bowl, then THAT'S a decent snack. Tsk tsk. As a result, I'm afraid to weigh today but will tomorrow. Fridays and/or Mondays are my official weigh days. Probably over 155lbs, but still fitting into the 8's jeans AND breathing, so that's cool with me.

Isn't THAT special?

So, is this what a GOOD Christian really thinks when given a forum to blather in???

He didn't mean KILL the guy, just kidnap him. Which, and I could be wrong, is still a FEDERAL offense.

Speaking of blather, I've got some of my own.

Lemon has a new battery. Didn't I just DO that? Gah. What did Hub's friend Bill tell me about my guy's seedy past? Two things! 1. That an enlisted cousin of Hub's saw him in Germany and Hubs took the kid to a whorehouse. Right. Quoting Bill quoting Hub, "I'm an officer, he's enlisted, not an option." That really DOES sound exactly like something Hubby says. The whole taking a kid to a whorehouse is silly, since everyone who REALLY knows the guy knows my Hubs is waaaay too cheap to actually spend money for sex. He's too nice looking to actually have to pay someone. That, and he takes the whole 'officer and a gentleman' VERY seriously.

And that leads us to #2. Bill's wife and he had set up Hubs with a cousin or something of theirs and Hubs wasn't interested. I'm sure my beloved had his reasons, but Bill thinks it was because she tried to push him into a relationship and that Hubs doesn't like aggressive or 'wild' women. Riiiight. Honestly, this is so funny on a lot of levels. Hubs is a force of nature when it comes to desire, physical or mental. If he wants or doesn't want something, that is the way it will be. I've tried to alter the course of his events to no avail. So if he's decided that a certain woman would not fit into his life plan, he won't waste his time having sex with someone he'll have to 'lose' in case the right one comes along. He's very linear, which can be very good. I've been known to use his power for my own good, like at the DMV...

Then, the wild and agressive comment. Tough time in not guffawing to that one. I mean, I've only read every single Cosmo from 1982-1995. With that and the Kama Sutra, even if I've never done it, I probably know about it. I'm thinking Bill really meant pushy versus aggressive, since Hubs has no complaints with my forcefullness.

Did you know that if you encourage your parents to scratch in the VIN number on a small boat you bought them, and they are thought to be thieves, they could be sent up the river for real? Two to ten years, I didn't know. Good thing my Mom has this honesty hangup that everyone else around here seems to have, too. I bought the 'rents the thing, if they wanted to use it for firewood, heck, why not? They have the actual boat that I paid actual money for, they have the bill of sale, AND a piece of paper that has the VIN on it, so who would blame them if some sort of, I dunno, ice pick, maybe, happened to scratch out a bit of a number to replace the original tape that has the very faded number on it.

This is why I'm not a thief or politician. I ramble when I lie and my loved ones can see my fibs a mile off. Forced to be an honest person. Ain't that crap?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Later that same day...

Yay! Headache is gone! The doc messed up on my mail order Relpax, though. It came in the mail today and was 20mg instead of the 40mg. Still, one 20 worked, so I'm not complaining.

Everything was done, laundry, trash, dishes, vacuum, PLUS not only have I finished the bottom to the Yoga mat bag, but am now doing the strap. I love Google, because after entering "last minute knitted gifts corrections" I found a page telling me my instincts were spot on. Instead of (wrap, k3, drop yo, k15), I just knew it had to be (wrap, k3, drop yo, k12, yo, slip 3 purlwise) and it was. There's a yarn in front versus the instructions of yarn in back, which is bad because I did the yarn in back and am not changing it now. I'm getting the reenforced edging on the strap as needed.

I'm taking in Lemon to see why it won't start. It's not the generator, I don't think. The engine tries to start, but sucks the energy out of a fully charged battery. I'm thinking alternator, or possibly a short that has drained the battery to nothing. Either way, Bill will see what's up after noon.

Today, Fry informs me that school is 'fun'. Still the one word descriptions. She had also changed into her jammies and MY comfy socks from my Aunt. MY socks from MY aunt. Not that I'm bitter or anything. I made my own scruffy ones from some Moa Dea on clearance at Michael's. They slip off too easily, so I never wear those and it seems MY socks are always in the wash.

Migraine Day!

Um, yay? Not that I like pain or anything, but now I have a decent excuse to sleep. I'm napping for a couple hours, then cleaning. Knitted on the yoga mat bag this morning and am almost ready to knit the bottom. Another inch in the round and I'm there. Then it's the strap, which will be a pain, but necessary.

Found new knitting blogs to become addicted to, did a sinkfull of dishes, chatted with the Jehovahs, confirmed 10 for my Camden Point scarf class on Monday, reserved some lace knitting books and renewed what I could on my already checked out books. Nap, take out trash, fold clothes, vacuum main floor, and I'll call it good for today. It's looking like the generic Tylenol isn't doing the job, so Relpax, here I come. Relaxing music, aromatherapy pillow spray (Works? I dunno, but like the scents,) and a Zsa Zsa eye mask for the afternoon.

Maybe more later. After reading a few knitblogs, the lace is calling me. My brain says no way Jose.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, edged, then figured I deserved Chinese food from HyVee. With me doing the "guy" thing, Hubby got the goods from the store. It's so humid outside, my clothes were drenched. Yuuuuck. The yard looks much better, though. The back needs serious work, still, and I'll tackle that tomorrow, hopefully.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Back from Vacation and No New Yarn

That's right. No new yarn. All those LYSs in Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, etc, and yet, not even a peek inside. We cluttered up our time with all those big mountain things all over the place there.

Blow by blow, here it is:

August 13, Saturday
Finally left the house at 2:00pm, arriving at my parents at 11pm. We've done that route so often down the I35 corridor, that it's rather boring. I sorted my bag o' papers and caught up on my magazines. Threw out a bunch of Muscle and Fitness after tearing out the 'good' articles. It was great to finally see the Fry. I missed her so. It rained the ENTIRE drive there. No small potatoes considering it's a constant 8 hours on the road at 70+mph.

August 14, Sunday
Laid around the 'Rents house, just chatting, looking at mementoes from the grandparents, hugging on the Fry, and eating cupcakes. I also defragged the parent's hardrive and checked for errors. Sifted through Fry's new toys for packing and showed off my lace knitting. Even Dad seemed impressed. Not that he's not easily impressed, but with doilies in the Dollar stores, sometimes skill isn't easily seen. Dad also thinks blogs are like Miranda rights, anything you say can and will be used against you. Which is why those who read this aren't going to hear about my college days. Ha! Of course, MY college days are almost as bad as today's middle school kids' times. I drank a few beers, but never tried anything illegal or tobacco-related. Anyone who gets addicted to Diet Pepsi and As The World Turns should not try anything stronger than that. I keep trying to get addicted to exercise and Tofu, but sadly, those won't 'take'.

Anyway, on to...

August 15, Monday
Amarillo! Famous as the Birthplace of Fry! We ate lunch where Hubby and I had our first date, visited our first house and the honeymoon home, visited Fry's birthplace (hospital), went to Hubby's workplace and talked with some of his former coworkers, and had a great time. After Amarillo was Dumas (Doo-mas), then Dalhart (or vice versa, I can't keep them straight). We hit New Mexico and went to the top of Capulin, an extinct volcano. It's so cool, you can see the chunks of lava long before getting there. The whole place is a collection of various extinct volcanoes. Since it's a National Park, we got the Passport stamp, of course. We had to give the Great Sand Dunes a miss, since we wanted to get to Hubby's Sister's house at a reasonable time.

August 16, Tuesday
Royal Gorge! We walked the bridge, took the tram, and took the steep railway to the bottom of the gorge. Very lovely. Then we went to Cottonwood Pass and the Great Divide. We hiked up a little and even Hubby was out of breath at 12126 feet (3700m). Fry was feeling bad over being out of shape, but if a guy who runs 2 miles in 17 minutes is winded...

We did a very quick stop at the Florissant Fossil beds. Sad, because all we had time to do was get our passport stamped and buy some brochures on how the fossils came to be.

After that, Pike's Peak. We drove up as slow as humanly possible. Not that I'm bitter or in a hurry, not at all. The time spent was worth it and the drive was wonderful. We drove down at sunset and am sure we had altitude sickness.

August 17, Wednesday
Fry-day!! It is Fry's birthday. We celebrated by driving through Phantom Canyon, touring a real gold mine, visiting the Air Force Academy, and eating pizza and birthday cake. She got money from her aunt, then books from us. She loves Calvin and Hobbes, so we found her two of those, and she wanted the boxed set of Lemony Snicket books.

August 18, Thursday
Leaving Colorado day. First stop is the Great Sand Dunes. When the sign says the sand gets hot, believe them. Ow. The nice thing is, the creek really felt good on our toasted toes.

We make a brief stop outside Dodge City to view the Santa Fe trail wagon wheel tracks. None of us can really see them, but it's still cool to be there.

August 19, Friday
Rest day! Hubs and I go to the bank to catalogue his coin collection. Once we're home, we nap, then take Fry to Hub's Daddy's grave, then on to Boot Hill. Hubs knows some of the gunfighters there, so we tour the museums and visit the gunfighters. The museums are really worth the admission price and they've added a lot in the 12 years since we've visited.

August 20, Saturday
Drove home! Squeekie and Claude were fine, Goldie was not. He went to fish heaven to live with Goldie One. Otherwise, the house was fine.

August 21, Sunday
Rest day. Some laundry, knitting, emails, computer time.

I knitted my Mom a sachet bag and most of my sister's yoga mat bag. What with the lovely scenerey, I did a lot less lace knitting that I'd had planned, plus, I wanted mindless knitting. The stockenette circular knitting of the bag helped with this.

I'm on all the LYSs mailing lists and two of the stores sent their latest class lists. :D There's tons of mail from the week, even after tossing the junk. Time for lunch, soaps, and housecleaning.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Stupid AM Activities

Here is a quick list of things NOT to do after midnight:

1. Do NOT knit lace. Not even 'just a row'. I will goof it up and then spend hours fixing it because I won't trust every other stitch in the row.

2. Do NOT dink with blogger template. Not ever. I know Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Powerbuilder, and a few types of SQL. I do NOT know HTML well enough to type, enter, and go without errors.

Number 2 is why I stayed up until four am this morning. Ug. We're leaving for my parents, Amarillo, Colorado, then Dodge for a week. Hubby printed out me a to do list before leaving. I'll need to show him my 'leaving the house' to do list in my control journal sometimes, so that he'll know not to worry. I love my journal, our household information is in one place as is phone numbers, calendar, and grocery lists. Very nice.

I haven't worked on the lace in a while, got out of the habit. I'm bringing it along on the trip since there'll be hours and hours on the road.

The child called last night. She's very excited to see her mom and dad! Yay! I can't wait until tonight when we get there. She may be a big ten year old, but she's still my tiny baby.

When I was cleaning out the basement yesterday (ick, cat hair and urp galore), I moved boxes of her baby things. The little shoes made me really want another child. The first one is so wonderful, how can the second be that bad??? I probably am stopped in the baby factory phase of my life. Being 40 is a large factor. That, and amniocentosis (read: loooong needle in the abdomen) makes another pregnancy a no-go.

Off to pack.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Migraine Tales and Dyeing for More White Yarn

See the time? Why am I still awake? Stupid migraine and no Relpax. I took Excedrin Migraine, which did NOTHING. Nice. Next is Midrin and if that doesn't take, trusty ice pack will have to do.

In other news, I just obtained a new addiction. Dyeing yarn. Oh my gosh! It's way fun!! I dyed some in the Patsy colorway, but there's white spots that I'd missed. Crapola. It's ok, though. I can either die the whites OR just use the whites as the fluffy cloud part of the Rosy Dawn shawl, which is probably what I'll do since they're a lovely contrast to the other strong colors.

Midrin, then sleep.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Merino Lace at Knit Craft!!

Yummy yarn! Gotta love it.

So anyway, I stopped by the LYS (local yarn store, for you non-fiber types) and they had a whole bunch of new yarns. Particularly the Merino lace I'm so in love with over here. I could have bought any other colors, teal, peach, black, grey, dark grey, forest green, and red. But no. I bought white. Why? Because of two reasons: first, I'm cheap, too cheap for the Pansy I'd mentioned in the last post. Second reason is that I've always wanted to try dying my own stuff. It's that little control freak part of me.

Ate way too much at the Olive Garden, heart attack on a plate. Yum. What diet? I know no diet.... Weighed in at 156, 2 down from yesterday, so of course I needed to kick THAT in the teeth.

K was thrilled with the products I brought over and I have 14 classes to teach in the first half of next year. Yay! Getting paid to do what I love and the students love me. What could be better?

I'm having a tough time staying awake. Think I'll check out the Shady Marlin for the soap update, then read over how to make a yoga mat carrying case until I fall alseep. :D Must stay awake until then....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not only did my order from Blackberry Ridge come in, but there were also a couple of yarn catalogues in the mail with them!! Yay!! I only wish that yarn store in Liberty had anything but novelty yarns. :P No lace to love on and sweeze. The patterns are the Poinsettia Shawl, the Spider Queen shawl, Rosy Fingered Dawn, and Summer in Kansas. I have no idea which one to start first, since really, I want to do all of them right this minute.

I'm leaning towards Knitpick's Alpaca Cloud in Sunlight for the Summer in Kansas shawl, then towards Pansy for the Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl in homage to West Texas sunrises, and towards Alpaca Cloud again, in Smoke, for the Spider Queen shawl. I have the yarn for the Poinsettia Shawl, Merino lace yarn in red, already in my stash. I also have number 93, or something very much the same, in my stash and don't know quite yet what to do with it. I'm sure I'll find something. :D

No matter, I'm probably ordering from Knitpicks, anyway. I have a catalogue of their's already dog-eared and the form half filled out. I'm a doofus and haven't ordered the Fiddlesticks patterns I wanted, yet, so I'll send off both before or during our Colorado trip.

There's been no lace knitting due to the demo knitting. I have to get the oil changed and the brake light checked out on Lemon today, so that's enforced knitting, there.

Weight is down 2# to 158. Still fat, but at least it's going in the right direction. Putting real lemon in my iced tea yesterday worked. :D

Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok, it's official. I'm an eeediot. Lunch with girls is on Wednesday. The reason why the 8th is stuck in my particle of brain is that today is the first day of enrollment at Fry's school. I'm so glad I didn't email girls and say, so where's lunch? Also am glad I don't HAVE to eat lunch out. I need to flush the fat and sodium from the system. There's several positives about being housebound today. The Monday swabbing of the home, having two extra days to knit on the library demos, eating a salad for lunch, take a nap, continue my genetic experiments on my Strangetown Sims, all sorts of fun stuff. S, Fry's Guinea Pig, needs a sweater, don't you think?
Thus begins the week of detox. I swear, after Saturday's food, fried chicken and then Arby's, I woke up the next morning puffed to the max. All the salt made me retain more water than even PMS. That has to be why I'm up to 160, has to be. Ug. I'm thinking about walking to the bus stop, instead of driving the car. It'll take 45 minutes, Hubby says, and is two miles away. I don't mind the walk, but do mind the sweat. It's already 79 degrees outside.

Lemon, my hated car, is half dead. I'm charging it right now, and have to meet the girls at the library for lunch. If it's not one thing, it's millions other.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Owwwww! It's official. I've knitting myself into pain. Didn't take much, just a couple of baby booties with a little bit of self-induced tension. My thumb is sore, but didn't keep me from knitting up two scarves this afternoon on the way home from the inlaws.

Family reunion was fun in a way. Hubby was pulled in all sorts of directions by various cousins and I was on my own. Everyone knew me, because Hubby is his father's only child. No one had name tags, so I knew faces, but not names. Turns out, even Hubby didn't know everyone, so there you go.

I didn't bring the lace due to the 'smooth' ride in the Jeep. Ha. Idiot Alert: Hubby popped the clutch just as I was taking the last swig of my Red Bull. If I were lucky, it would have splashed on my face. But, I wasn't. The stuff didn't hurt going into my nose and down my throat, like I'd thought. Do I know better than to drink a non-straw drink in the car while the said car is in motion? Of course I do.

Goals? What goals? I don't know of these 'goals' you speak.... Ok, I do, but later, tomorrow, probably.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Not much going on lately.

We're going to a family reunion later on today. It should be interesting... I'm on the phone right now with my hubby's cousin and he's giving me an earful. It'll be fun.

Not much on the lace front. I need to work on the library's demo models, so the lace is at a standstill until Monday evening. I'm bringing a bag of scrap yarn to knit up various things, just for fun and show.

Remember how I was wanting to be 'perfect'? So do I, vaugely. I'm bringing a journal along on the trip, in case all my models are done before the ride home. New goals or at least reenforcing the ones I already have.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Summer of lace is going well. Sadly, I stayed up way too late last night, fixing a bit of mistakes here and there to the tune of 3 am. I have one more row on the sand dollar chart before the last knit row. Yay!

Went to doc, nothing had changed but he wants to see me again in three months and the appointments are already made. The office did them for me already. Can you believe? They're super-cautious, aren't they? It's good, though. Better than the apathetic approach.

I've ordered a boatload of lace patterns, specifically, four, and want to order two more for my collection. Now, if I can just find the lace yarns.... I can find them, I don't want to actually spend the money on them, ha ha! I'm cheap, what can I say.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I rule. :D I fixed a pal's computer (for now, anyway), earning eternal gratitude. Then hit a yarn store for lace weight but all they had was novelty. Bleh. Bought some Zum bar soap for sachets, then bought school supplies. I love buying office supplies, but hate looking for "correcting pencil, blue". Yeah, like they grow on trees. Gaw.

New eppy of South Park is on, so....

Slow and Steady Wins the Race