Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not only did my order from Blackberry Ridge come in, but there were also a couple of yarn catalogues in the mail with them!! Yay!! I only wish that yarn store in Liberty had anything but novelty yarns. :P No lace to love on and sweeze. The patterns are the Poinsettia Shawl, the Spider Queen shawl, Rosy Fingered Dawn, and Summer in Kansas. I have no idea which one to start first, since really, I want to do all of them right this minute.

I'm leaning towards Knitpick's Alpaca Cloud in Sunlight for the Summer in Kansas shawl, then towards Pansy for the Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl in homage to West Texas sunrises, and towards Alpaca Cloud again, in Smoke, for the Spider Queen shawl. I have the yarn for the Poinsettia Shawl, Merino lace yarn in red, already in my stash. I also have number 93, or something very much the same, in my stash and don't know quite yet what to do with it. I'm sure I'll find something. :D

No matter, I'm probably ordering from Knitpicks, anyway. I have a catalogue of their's already dog-eared and the form half filled out. I'm a doofus and haven't ordered the Fiddlesticks patterns I wanted, yet, so I'll send off both before or during our Colorado trip.

There's been no lace knitting due to the demo knitting. I have to get the oil changed and the brake light checked out on Lemon today, so that's enforced knitting, there.

Weight is down 2# to 158. Still fat, but at least it's going in the right direction. Putting real lemon in my iced tea yesterday worked. :D

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