Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Later that same day...

Yay! Headache is gone! The doc messed up on my mail order Relpax, though. It came in the mail today and was 20mg instead of the 40mg. Still, one 20 worked, so I'm not complaining.

Everything was done, laundry, trash, dishes, vacuum, PLUS not only have I finished the bottom to the Yoga mat bag, but am now doing the strap. I love Google, because after entering "last minute knitted gifts corrections" I found a page telling me my instincts were spot on. Instead of (wrap, k3, drop yo, k15), I just knew it had to be (wrap, k3, drop yo, k12, yo, slip 3 purlwise) and it was. There's a yarn in front versus the instructions of yarn in back, which is bad because I did the yarn in back and am not changing it now. I'm getting the reenforced edging on the strap as needed.

I'm taking in Lemon to see why it won't start. It's not the generator, I don't think. The engine tries to start, but sucks the energy out of a fully charged battery. I'm thinking alternator, or possibly a short that has drained the battery to nothing. Either way, Bill will see what's up after noon.

Today, Fry informs me that school is 'fun'. Still the one word descriptions. She had also changed into her jammies and MY comfy socks from my Aunt. MY socks from MY aunt. Not that I'm bitter or anything. I made my own scruffy ones from some Moa Dea on clearance at Michael's. They slip off too easily, so I never wear those and it seems MY socks are always in the wash.

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