Monday, August 22, 2005

We make a brief stop outside Dodge City to view the Santa Fe trail wagon wheel tracks. None of us can really see them, but it's still cool to be there.

August 19, Friday
Rest day! Hubs and I go to the bank to catalogue his coin collection. Once we're home, we nap, then take Fry to Hub's Daddy's grave, then on to Boot Hill. Hubs knows some of the gunfighters there, so we tour the museums and visit the gunfighters. The museums are really worth the admission price and they've added a lot in the 12 years since we've visited.

August 20, Saturday
Drove home! Squeekie and Claude were fine, Goldie was not. He went to fish heaven to live with Goldie One. Otherwise, the house was fine.

August 21, Sunday
Rest day. Some laundry, knitting, emails, computer time.

I knitted my Mom a sachet bag and most of my sister's yoga mat bag. What with the lovely scenerey, I did a lot less lace knitting that I'd had planned, plus, I wanted mindless knitting. The stockenette circular knitting of the bag helped with this.

I'm on all the LYSs mailing lists and two of the stores sent their latest class lists. :D There's tons of mail from the week, even after tossing the junk. Time for lunch, soaps, and housecleaning.

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