Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hubby Has a Wonderful Suggestion

As in: "Why don't you knit up a tester before you throw that (the yoga mat bag) into the wash?" You mean, DON'T fly by the seat of my pants and hope it doesn't go to heck in my handbasket with me??? Gosh! Never thought of that. Seriously, I didn't, so I'm halted on the handle and working on a bit of swatch for the felting thing.

Thanks to some vastly entertaining knitblogs and my new copy of Van Dyke's restorers catalogue, I've not got anything done except eating a breakfast bar (chocolate) and drinking two cups of coffee. I have bills to mail, a class to teach in Weston at 1:00pm (advanced knitting!! fun!!), and a shower to take. ::covering up the time:: Doing the soaking dishes would be good, too. Especially before the water goes from boiling to freezing.

I spent yesterday evening going through my health and fitness ripouts from magazines, tossing the not applicable ones and sorting the others. I'll devise a menu and workout plan from them, soon. The activity part of my life has been minimal, so... Nutrition has been good. We've been South Beach over here, some whole grains and very limited sugar. All the lean meats, fruits, and veggies a person could eat. I've learned that when a person dumps 4-5 bags of those 100 calorie bags of Pecan Sandies into a bowl, then THAT'S a decent snack. Tsk tsk. As a result, I'm afraid to weigh today but will tomorrow. Fridays and/or Mondays are my official weigh days. Probably over 155lbs, but still fitting into the 8's jeans AND breathing, so that's cool with me.

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