Sunday, August 07, 2005

Owwwww! It's official. I've knitting myself into pain. Didn't take much, just a couple of baby booties with a little bit of self-induced tension. My thumb is sore, but didn't keep me from knitting up two scarves this afternoon on the way home from the inlaws.

Family reunion was fun in a way. Hubby was pulled in all sorts of directions by various cousins and I was on my own. Everyone knew me, because Hubby is his father's only child. No one had name tags, so I knew faces, but not names. Turns out, even Hubby didn't know everyone, so there you go.

I didn't bring the lace due to the 'smooth' ride in the Jeep. Ha. Idiot Alert: Hubby popped the clutch just as I was taking the last swig of my Red Bull. If I were lucky, it would have splashed on my face. But, I wasn't. The stuff didn't hurt going into my nose and down my throat, like I'd thought. Do I know better than to drink a non-straw drink in the car while the said car is in motion? Of course I do.

Goals? What goals? I don't know of these 'goals' you speak.... Ok, I do, but later, tomorrow, probably.

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