Saturday, August 13, 2005

Stupid AM Activities

Here is a quick list of things NOT to do after midnight:

1. Do NOT knit lace. Not even 'just a row'. I will goof it up and then spend hours fixing it because I won't trust every other stitch in the row.

2. Do NOT dink with blogger template. Not ever. I know Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Powerbuilder, and a few types of SQL. I do NOT know HTML well enough to type, enter, and go without errors.

Number 2 is why I stayed up until four am this morning. Ug. We're leaving for my parents, Amarillo, Colorado, then Dodge for a week. Hubby printed out me a to do list before leaving. I'll need to show him my 'leaving the house' to do list in my control journal sometimes, so that he'll know not to worry. I love my journal, our household information is in one place as is phone numbers, calendar, and grocery lists. Very nice.

I haven't worked on the lace in a while, got out of the habit. I'm bringing it along on the trip since there'll be hours and hours on the road.

The child called last night. She's very excited to see her mom and dad! Yay! I can't wait until tonight when we get there. She may be a big ten year old, but she's still my tiny baby.

When I was cleaning out the basement yesterday (ick, cat hair and urp galore), I moved boxes of her baby things. The little shoes made me really want another child. The first one is so wonderful, how can the second be that bad??? I probably am stopped in the baby factory phase of my life. Being 40 is a large factor. That, and amniocentosis (read: loooong needle in the abdomen) makes another pregnancy a no-go.

Off to pack.

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