Friday, August 26, 2005

Grocery Day!

Friday is my grocery day and I love grocery shopping. Have no idea why, since the stores are usually crowded, overpriced, and people drive like maniacs. I think it's once everything is put away, I feel ready for anything. I'm armed with a shopping list sorted by section then alpha, then while I'm putting the items away, I'll clean out the fridge and pantry at the same time. I can keep the pantry full, but really need to let the freezer empty a little. I'm dying to paint the laundry room and will need to be able to move the tall freezer out from the cubby. There's no way I can leave the walls white behind. Yech. Shopping later, since I'd gone to the store on Monday and there's still some Diet Pepsi in the house. You should see how feral Fry and I get over the last can of Diet Pepsi. Yes, we're addicts.

Neighbor guy came over yesterday to borrow Basalmic vinegar and thyme, and of course the house was a mess. Advanced knitting class was a ton of fun, the students loved the samples I'd knitted up, but I'd got back home at 3:45. The dishes had soaked to freezing, of course (see yesterday) and the stove sorely needed a good wipe-down. Sigh. I need to get out the timer, doing the 15 minutes a room crisis cleaning TODAY. It'll be great for the weekend, all play and no work on Saturday and Sunday.

I should care what I weigh, but for some strange reason, I've had insomnia and have been eating at night. It's probably around 155-157, but I don't want to even look. Not in the mood. I'll be good this weekend, then start Monday with the workout program, whichever I choose.

In the spirit of Navin R. Johnson: I'm somebody! Wendy, of Wendy Knits emailed me! I'd commented on her recent lace project, which, she'd designed herself, and asked a question about HER longhair cat's claws. Claude has talons and is not afraid to use them to get what he wants. I'd seen pictures of her Lucy loving on the shawls and just knew Claude would have to be "Jaws of Life"ed from them if he'd done the same. Sure enough, Lucy is declawed and I'd heard from the great Wendy herself. Wendy is THE fastest knitter I've ever seen AND has a good eye for colors. Most, if not all, of the knitting blogs I read, knit-focused or not, have excellent knitters writing them. They also have to post every three days or so, or I'll lose interest and remove them from my "Read daily" folder. I love to see the other knitter's progress. Sometimes, it's comforting when I've not done much, but mostly, it's challenging because, I've not done much. :)

I'm so wanting the yoga mat bag strap to be done. The swatch was felted yesterday, which is cool. Too bad the stitches were perfect, because the felt obscured them.

Back in the olden days, we 'showed' pigs in the livestock fairs. Other girls showed sheep, washing and blowdrying them. Felting the wool reminded me of the smells back then, only happily, without the manure smells that tend to go with those things.

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