Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is it naptime yet?

I love taking a nap. Our bedroom is so serene and mostly clean, that anyone who is near the bed has a tough time staying awake. In summer, the cotton sheets are cool, in winter, the flannels are warm. It and our dining room are my favorite rooms, even more so than my yarn room. One of our windows had a leak due to termites (and the home inspector inspected WHAT, again????), and since the yarn room is in the basement near the leak, it needs work. Sheetrock is heavy and I just can't get in the mood for major construction, so that's a Anti-Procrastination day event.

Wednesdays are my Anti-Procrastination days. It doesn't matter what, I need to do something I've been putting off for ages. Sadly, there are a lot of things on my list, such as:

? Fix Car roof
? Roof repair-get estimates
? Dental plans-find one
? Put up fallen siding-can do today!
? Bissell all floors-Thanks to the cat, the kitchen needs it today
? Curtain for Dirk’s office & laundry room-I need to sew them
? Change bathroom faucets-ug, maybe this weekend when I have helpers
? Deal with living room books-it's the zone for today, ala Flylady, so, ok
? Laundry room clutter-four years of school papers. ug.
? Fix bathroom switch-playing with electricity! again with the helpers.
? Fix master bathroom shower drain-homework today is "How Not to Flood the Kitchen"
? Paint laundry room-See "Laundry Room Clutter"
? Peel wallpaper in kitchen-I can do that in bits! Ok.
? Paint kitchen-See above

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