Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a quickie...

Elann AND Berroco have emailed me their newsletters. With that then Knitpicks and RamsWool catalogues in the mail yesterday... It's like giving Vicodan to a junkie. Like, I'm SUPPOSED to resist? Crap. Look at this and tell me you're unmoved. Really. Tranquil Lagoon and Spiced Wine, near the bottom, have these lovely subtle shades within the strands. Must. Put. Back. Debit. Card.

On the other hand, things like this are just not good. Don't go there, ever. Bad color, bad design, what every relative of a knitter fears on Christmas day.

(later edited to better display this "don't")


snowballinhell said...

ACK! Must have Tranquil Lagoon.

Laura said...

Removed double post. Snow had an itchy mouse finger, I think.

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