Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Migraine Day!

Um, yay? Not that I like pain or anything, but now I have a decent excuse to sleep. I'm napping for a couple hours, then cleaning. Knitted on the yoga mat bag this morning and am almost ready to knit the bottom. Another inch in the round and I'm there. Then it's the strap, which will be a pain, but necessary.

Found new knitting blogs to become addicted to, did a sinkfull of dishes, chatted with the Jehovahs, confirmed 10 for my Camden Point scarf class on Monday, reserved some lace knitting books and renewed what I could on my already checked out books. Nap, take out trash, fold clothes, vacuum main floor, and I'll call it good for today. It's looking like the generic Tylenol isn't doing the job, so Relpax, here I come. Relaxing music, aromatherapy pillow spray (Works? I dunno, but like the scents,) and a Zsa Zsa eye mask for the afternoon.

Maybe more later. After reading a few knitblogs, the lace is calling me. My brain says no way Jose.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, edged, then figured I deserved Chinese food from HyVee. With me doing the "guy" thing, Hubby got the goods from the store. It's so humid outside, my clothes were drenched. Yuuuuck. The yard looks much better, though. The back needs serious work, still, and I'll tackle that tomorrow, hopefully.

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