Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Refusal of Birth Control

Ok, so, I'm wondering...

When pharmacists refuse to give a woman birth control because it's wrong to prevent the birth of a child, does that mean they save all their own semen when they wank? After all, if it's wrong to prevent a woman's egg from naturally ripening, then isn't it wrong to evacuate the swimmers without a goal? Even the Bible has the 'no seed on the ground', and yet, it doesn't mention anything about preventing the fruit from ripening. If every egg is sacred, so is every sperm. So guys, you MUST use every single ready and willing sperm, just like women must use every single egg.

In my personal life, I'm very conservative. I'd do a lot before I'd go on welfare, abortion is not an option, and I get really tired of the filth that passes as entertainment in the media. There is prime time for family viewing and after prime time for when the kids are in bed (or supposed to be) with the line between the two becoming more fuzzy every day.

In my public life, gay people don't bother me, I think people should be able to choose for themselves on major life decisions, and that heathcare should be accessible to all tax paying Americans. I think we should help the illegal aliens but not at the expense of the true citizens. I think democracy works great for us in the US, but is not a blanket form of goverment for every culture in the world.

I think that I can't tell anyone else what to think, no matter how much the control freak part of me would like to. I also think that I love to hear what other peoples' point of views are, just as long as I'm not forced to agree no matter what.

The Yoga mat bag's strap isn't felting like it should. I'm rather not happy about this. Maybe a heavy wash in hot water. I'll figure it out in the morning. :(

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