Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What the?! It's May WHAT?

Holy crap! What have I been doing?? There's two days left in May and I've done nothing for Project Spectrum in the past two months. Ok. I have this, and know how to use it. The photo doesn't show clearly, but there IS green, yellow, and pink in the colorway. I'm thinking Monkey socks. Cara is doing a ton of them, and I love them all.

Now, back to the real update, the post just below this one.

At long last!

The little camera has software on the new computer! Hooray! Hubs found the software while cleaning out his office, and I installed it today.

Of course, the first picture had to be of the baby.

This is my current obsession. The yarn is Berroco's Love It! Colors.

Remember the Vogue Knitting with the cool little bolero on the cover?

Well, I wanted a cute summer shirt to wear to Stitches Midwest. I knitted up six pentagons, all attached to each other, then picked up stitches along the edge for the body. At first, I did all stockinette stitch (plain). Three rows into it, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to continue the pattern of the pents? The pents themselves need lots of blocking, since the middle tends to be pointy. I'm dying to make a bikini out of the pentagon pattern next, but that may be a bit too Madonna-ish.

Next up is the nearly finished purple cardigan. This baby needs buttons and it's done. The button band rolls way too much, I've not decided how to fix this just yet. Buttons or zipper? At some point, I'll have to decide. It'll probably be buttons, since I have them and not the zipper. :D

Finally, the best is for last. Here is Fry and her beloved Lucky. He's not a bad dog. Sometimes, I actually don't hate him. Once he's in obedience class a couple times and stops jumping on me, he'll be great.

Let's see... Medical news? Fry's arm is perfectly healed and out of the cast and splint. Doesn't take her all day to mend a fracture. Her tummy is also much better with the caffeine cut down and eating dinner earlier in the evening. All my yearly tests are done and back, everything's great for another year I suppose. Hubs went in for knee pain and seems to have osteoarthrits in that one knee. He's taking the glucosamine stuff. Lucky has been snipped and chipped, so no luck in losing him. Ah well, everyone around here would be distraught at losing him anyway.

Everyone except Claude and I.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Nothing to see here, folks.

At least my Mom, she of the dial-up, will love this post. No pictures just yet. I know. Bad blogger, bad!

Ok, there's been a vet visit, an ER visit, and a Cheesecake Factory visit. Lucky, a beagle mix, received his first rabies and stuff shot. He's around 6 months old and a holy terror in the vet's office. Thursday is the 'snip' and microchip thing. Nice thing is all I have to do is drop him off and run away.

The ER? It seems Fry's tummy hurt her a lot, had been all day. It would get worse then go away, then get back to worse. Finally, around 9:30pm, she still couldn't sleep and nothing was kicking it, we went to the ER. Not my preferred way to go, but better safe than sorry. You know how it is with kids. If you tell them to just deal and go to school, they'll barf all over or have appendicitis. But then, if you let them stay home, as soon as the bus pulls away, they're dancing on the tables and wanting to eat junk food. She supposedly has a bit of acid reflux, which I think is due to a bit of a stomach bug that's going around. This bug lasts longer than the usual 24 hours, which threw me.

In yarn-related news, Little Goopa's legwarmers are done! Never mind her birthday was in January, they are done at last! She emailed me from a library I suppose is near Greensburg. She's up there, helping her in-laws retrieve things from their house. The little gal who's wedding dress survived? That's Goopa's sister-in-law. Something nice out of all the misery is Little Goo's husband is home in emergency leave. This is his second time in Iraq. I'm hoping he has the chance for a third but doesn't have to go. :P

Wasn't that a fun tangent? Back to woolly goodness... There's only one sleeve and a button band left to knit on the purple cardigan. Yay! Next post, I must show pictures of Lucky, the cardigan, Fry's rapidly healing arm, and other such bandwidth sucking things. :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Legal Cheesecake Day

Yep! It's my birthday! The one day I can have all the cheesecake I want and not regret it. Until tomorrow, anyway.

I keep thinking I'll update this when I can post pictures. I do have pictures, but they're on the computer upstairs. Heaven forbid I sit down up there and post them.

So anyway... There's been Mother's Day, my Dad's birthday, a new dog in the family, falling off the yarn wagon in a big way, finishing up the tiles in the kitchen, and instant gratification in the garden department. Fry is also wearing a splint, not a cast anymore. She had a green tree fracture, which is healing very nicely.

After getting a checkup physical, I've decided not to have one ever again. They're rechecking the mammogram due to a spot that's probably nothing. I wore deodorant, which is a no-no I'd forgotton. Mary reminded me, much to my relief. I suppose I'll have to return all the yarn I bought for knitting in my final days. (Hey, it's an excuse, ok?) The CA-125 came back great, always a concern. The cholesterol didn't. 254 total, so the doctor put me on Chol-B-Gone that very day. I'm sure to take meds as directed, since the diet and exercise is still spotty. The new dog helps, amazingly enough.

New dog? In our/my cat-only world? Alas, yes. We have a dog. The neighbor found him wandering around, couldn't find an owner, so we've got him for now. Probably for forever. He's a beagle/basset mix named Lucky and is a decent dog so far. Fry is on poop patrol and is taking care of him so far. I knew we were keeping him when Hubs bought a fancy-smancy leash instead of the cheapie $4 one. All three of us take him for a walk every evening. Since I've started watching what I eat and exercising, I've gained weight. Of course. NORMAL people diet, exercise, and lose weight. I gain. Isn't that fun? Still, even if there's no changes on the outside or scale, there's changes on the inside with the arteries.

I finally opened my present from Susan! Thank you! I love them! Pictures later, but for now, they're lovely cloth coasters. Just gorgeous and a funny card, too. Also finally, I'm breaking down and using my coffee/espresso station from my parents. I didn't want to use it and mess it up before now. Fry is going to love the cappuchinos, too. We're all coffee drinkers over here. Not a lot, and the youngest get the decaf.

There's an inch to knit on the legwarmers, a sleeve and a half on the cardigan, and I really need to post a picture of the tam. Maybe after dishes, laundry, and a nap. ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here, tell me if you hear this pin drop, 'k?

Have I been busy? No... Not really. I totally need to post pictures of the purple cardigan, since it's only lacking sleeves and a button band. Yes! The bad thing is, the cuff of a sleeve is a lot like the cuff of a sock. I'll get so far, then have to fight the urge to do the heel. Right.

So anyway, while I don't have pictures of Fry's cast and the cardigan, which shows I'm falling down on the blogging job, I do have pictures of a couple of varieties of iris blooming in the back yard. These are the only two so far, with another variety budding and getting ready. I'm still placing rocks, and once that's done, I'll get a decent picture of the ponds and stream. Fingers crossed it's before all the iris are done blooming. (I should post the pictures taken by my Mom of her iris in bloom. She's an artist.)

Tomorrow: Dad's birthday! I'll have to post about the birthday boy then.

Gotta go, 'the Man' is mixing up the last of the mortar needed to glum the tiles to the wall in our kitchen. I'm really good at moving the stove around after all this remodeling stuff. (insert sarcastic roll of eyes here) The nice thing is, three feet of tile to do and we're done. Except for the grout, curing, sealing, and more curing. (more eye rolls, please)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picture time!

Fry is lurking just beside me, wondering why HER picture, one of her in her new cast, isn't to be put on here just yet. Tomorrow, when the light is better, I'll take her pic, right now, the light won't show off the beautiful red that it is. Us oldies may be unaware of the new colors casts come in. Wow! If she'd been out cold, I'd have got her the pink one, if only to see her try to pry it off. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa!

So anyway, here's a bad pic of the Not a Poncho, courtesy of Frygirl. As you can see, people who have seen (meaning, Mom), most of the tile backsplash is done. A few more tiles slapped up there, a little bit of grout, and we are done!

Right now, I'm pooped, and now that it's after 8pm, no more to eat or drink until after a blood test tomorrow. Standard yearly physical stuff with an ovarian cancer test thrown in for good luck. I did the physical, ran to get Fry for the cast, then over to the Knit Wit to find out how to do a vertical double decrease. Not wanting to leave the kid home alone, the compromise was to run over, buy lots of yarn, and get a quick how to before running off. Fry is very well behaved, I didn't have a problem with her there, but enough people have had bad encounters with crazed kids, I didn't want to tick anyone off.

Sometime later, when there's not a tam on the cusp of being finished, I'll address comments. That, and how SOME people are sending me birthday stuff to my undeserving self. Little stinkers. ;)

P.S. The house doesn't list to the right, the photographer does. So does the model.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race