Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picture time!

Fry is lurking just beside me, wondering why HER picture, one of her in her new cast, isn't to be put on here just yet. Tomorrow, when the light is better, I'll take her pic, right now, the light won't show off the beautiful red that it is. Us oldies may be unaware of the new colors casts come in. Wow! If she'd been out cold, I'd have got her the pink one, if only to see her try to pry it off. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa!

So anyway, here's a bad pic of the Not a Poncho, courtesy of Frygirl. As you can see, people who have seen (meaning, Mom), most of the tile backsplash is done. A few more tiles slapped up there, a little bit of grout, and we are done!

Right now, I'm pooped, and now that it's after 8pm, no more to eat or drink until after a blood test tomorrow. Standard yearly physical stuff with an ovarian cancer test thrown in for good luck. I did the physical, ran to get Fry for the cast, then over to the Knit Wit to find out how to do a vertical double decrease. Not wanting to leave the kid home alone, the compromise was to run over, buy lots of yarn, and get a quick how to before running off. Fry is very well behaved, I didn't have a problem with her there, but enough people have had bad encounters with crazed kids, I didn't want to tick anyone off.

Sometime later, when there's not a tam on the cusp of being finished, I'll address comments. That, and how SOME people are sending me birthday stuff to my undeserving self. Little stinkers. ;)

P.S. The house doesn't list to the right, the photographer does. So does the model.


Carol said...

I agree with Fry's case color choice. Red would have been my pick.

The Not a Poncho looks great.

ChelleC said...

The NAP looks great. I can't wait to see it in person. Great job. You are so talented and creative.

Tell Fry we'll see her as soon as there's a sunny day.

Susan said...

Oh how pretty. I have to admit, I had NO clue as to what the NAP was supposed to look like! I love it!

Hugs to Fry and her new cast!

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