Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here, tell me if you hear this pin drop, 'k?

Have I been busy? No... Not really. I totally need to post pictures of the purple cardigan, since it's only lacking sleeves and a button band. Yes! The bad thing is, the cuff of a sleeve is a lot like the cuff of a sock. I'll get so far, then have to fight the urge to do the heel. Right.

So anyway, while I don't have pictures of Fry's cast and the cardigan, which shows I'm falling down on the blogging job, I do have pictures of a couple of varieties of iris blooming in the back yard. These are the only two so far, with another variety budding and getting ready. I'm still placing rocks, and once that's done, I'll get a decent picture of the ponds and stream. Fingers crossed it's before all the iris are done blooming. (I should post the pictures taken by my Mom of her iris in bloom. She's an artist.)

Tomorrow: Dad's birthday! I'll have to post about the birthday boy then.

Gotta go, 'the Man' is mixing up the last of the mortar needed to glum the tiles to the wall in our kitchen. I'm really good at moving the stove around after all this remodeling stuff. (insert sarcastic roll of eyes here) The nice thing is, three feet of tile to do and we're done. Except for the grout, curing, sealing, and more curing. (more eye rolls, please)


ChelleC said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish I could see you. With Mother's Day coming up, I guess it's be a while. Give me a call. Or I'll try to call you during lunch tomorrow.

Susan said...

Oh pretty flowers. I just love the top one. Mine are just the really old fashioned yellow or lavender ones.

Camie Vog said...

Nice pics! Fry needs a cast? What have I missed?? Hope she is okay.

ChelleC said...


Slow and Steady Wins the Race