Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At long last!

The little camera has software on the new computer! Hooray! Hubs found the software while cleaning out his office, and I installed it today.

Of course, the first picture had to be of the baby.

This is my current obsession. The yarn is Berroco's Love It! Colors.

Remember the Vogue Knitting with the cool little bolero on the cover?

Well, I wanted a cute summer shirt to wear to Stitches Midwest. I knitted up six pentagons, all attached to each other, then picked up stitches along the edge for the body. At first, I did all stockinette stitch (plain). Three rows into it, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to continue the pattern of the pents? The pents themselves need lots of blocking, since the middle tends to be pointy. I'm dying to make a bikini out of the pentagon pattern next, but that may be a bit too Madonna-ish.

Next up is the nearly finished purple cardigan. This baby needs buttons and it's done. The button band rolls way too much, I've not decided how to fix this just yet. Buttons or zipper? At some point, I'll have to decide. It'll probably be buttons, since I have them and not the zipper. :D

Finally, the best is for last. Here is Fry and her beloved Lucky. He's not a bad dog. Sometimes, I actually don't hate him. Once he's in obedience class a couple times and stops jumping on me, he'll be great.

Let's see... Medical news? Fry's arm is perfectly healed and out of the cast and splint. Doesn't take her all day to mend a fracture. Her tummy is also much better with the caffeine cut down and eating dinner earlier in the evening. All my yearly tests are done and back, everything's great for another year I suppose. Hubs went in for knee pain and seems to have osteoarthrits in that one knee. He's taking the glucosamine stuff. Lucky has been snipped and chipped, so no luck in losing him. Ah well, everyone around here would be distraught at losing him anyway.

Everyone except Claude and I.

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ChelleC said...

Wow - all that wonderful news at once. I'm glad Hubs found the software. I have to admit, I missed not only the blog posts, but the photos. Yes!

The purple sweater is lovely. I wonder what would create that rolling button band? I'll try to look through the Sally Melville books and figure out the reason. She solved my rolling seed stitch hem problem - although I still have yet to rip it out and fix it. Grrr. I'll do that next winter - right before I wear the thing again.

Lucky is darling! And it sounds like he's "lucky" that at least half the family likes him and is willing to invest in snips and chips. Ar hum!!

Miss you. Chelle

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