Friday, May 18, 2007

Nothing to see here, folks.

At least my Mom, she of the dial-up, will love this post. No pictures just yet. I know. Bad blogger, bad!

Ok, there's been a vet visit, an ER visit, and a Cheesecake Factory visit. Lucky, a beagle mix, received his first rabies and stuff shot. He's around 6 months old and a holy terror in the vet's office. Thursday is the 'snip' and microchip thing. Nice thing is all I have to do is drop him off and run away.

The ER? It seems Fry's tummy hurt her a lot, had been all day. It would get worse then go away, then get back to worse. Finally, around 9:30pm, she still couldn't sleep and nothing was kicking it, we went to the ER. Not my preferred way to go, but better safe than sorry. You know how it is with kids. If you tell them to just deal and go to school, they'll barf all over or have appendicitis. But then, if you let them stay home, as soon as the bus pulls away, they're dancing on the tables and wanting to eat junk food. She supposedly has a bit of acid reflux, which I think is due to a bit of a stomach bug that's going around. This bug lasts longer than the usual 24 hours, which threw me.

In yarn-related news, Little Goopa's legwarmers are done! Never mind her birthday was in January, they are done at last! She emailed me from a library I suppose is near Greensburg. She's up there, helping her in-laws retrieve things from their house. The little gal who's wedding dress survived? That's Goopa's sister-in-law. Something nice out of all the misery is Little Goo's husband is home in emergency leave. This is his second time in Iraq. I'm hoping he has the chance for a third but doesn't have to go. :P

Wasn't that a fun tangent? Back to woolly goodness... There's only one sleeve and a button band left to knit on the purple cardigan. Yay! Next post, I must show pictures of Lucky, the cardigan, Fry's rapidly healing arm, and other such bandwidth sucking things. :D


ChelleC said...

I keep meaning to ask and forget to ask - who in the world is Goopa?

Laura said...

The little Goopa is my baby sister. Names changed to protect the profoundly guilty, ha ha! She's lovely, as tall, blond, and thin as I am not. Which is a lot. All the brown dna was used up by the time she got here, with Toppa, the middle sister, having dark hair, blue eyes, and light skin. It's fun to see how genes work in a family.

ChelleC said...

Ahhhh!!!!! Okay, got it. Thanks.

ChelleC said...

Blog update. Blog update. Blog update.

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