Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Legal Cheesecake Day

Yep! It's my birthday! The one day I can have all the cheesecake I want and not regret it. Until tomorrow, anyway.

I keep thinking I'll update this when I can post pictures. I do have pictures, but they're on the computer upstairs. Heaven forbid I sit down up there and post them.

So anyway... There's been Mother's Day, my Dad's birthday, a new dog in the family, falling off the yarn wagon in a big way, finishing up the tiles in the kitchen, and instant gratification in the garden department. Fry is also wearing a splint, not a cast anymore. She had a green tree fracture, which is healing very nicely.

After getting a checkup physical, I've decided not to have one ever again. They're rechecking the mammogram due to a spot that's probably nothing. I wore deodorant, which is a no-no I'd forgotton. Mary reminded me, much to my relief. I suppose I'll have to return all the yarn I bought for knitting in my final days. (Hey, it's an excuse, ok?) The CA-125 came back great, always a concern. The cholesterol didn't. 254 total, so the doctor put me on Chol-B-Gone that very day. I'm sure to take meds as directed, since the diet and exercise is still spotty. The new dog helps, amazingly enough.

New dog? In our/my cat-only world? Alas, yes. We have a dog. The neighbor found him wandering around, couldn't find an owner, so we've got him for now. Probably for forever. He's a beagle/basset mix named Lucky and is a decent dog so far. Fry is on poop patrol and is taking care of him so far. I knew we were keeping him when Hubs bought a fancy-smancy leash instead of the cheapie $4 one. All three of us take him for a walk every evening. Since I've started watching what I eat and exercising, I've gained weight. Of course. NORMAL people diet, exercise, and lose weight. I gain. Isn't that fun? Still, even if there's no changes on the outside or scale, there's changes on the inside with the arteries.

I finally opened my present from Susan! Thank you! I love them! Pictures later, but for now, they're lovely cloth coasters. Just gorgeous and a funny card, too. Also finally, I'm breaking down and using my coffee/espresso station from my parents. I didn't want to use it and mess it up before now. Fry is going to love the cappuchinos, too. We're all coffee drinkers over here. Not a lot, and the youngest get the decaf.

There's an inch to knit on the legwarmers, a sleeve and a half on the cardigan, and I really need to post a picture of the tam. Maybe after dishes, laundry, and a nap. ;)


Mary said...

Happy birthday, Laura!!!

Have some cheesecake for me today and I'll walk for you tonight.

ChelleC said...

Happppppyyyyyy Birthday!!!! Yeah!!!
(I didn't get your card mailed in time). Chelle

Susan said...

Happy, happy birthday! And a big scritch for Lucky. He sounds adorable. Pics please.

/off to write on my calendar!

Camie Vog said...

Happy Birthday...sorry I am so late on this!

Laura said...

I am a very lucky gal to have so many well-wishers on my birthday! Thank you!!! :)

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