Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Merino Lace at Knit Craft!!

Yummy yarn! Gotta love it.

So anyway, I stopped by the LYS (local yarn store, for you non-fiber types) and they had a whole bunch of new yarns. Particularly the Merino lace I'm so in love with over here. I could have bought any other colors, teal, peach, black, grey, dark grey, forest green, and red. But no. I bought white. Why? Because of two reasons: first, I'm cheap, too cheap for the Pansy I'd mentioned in the last post. Second reason is that I've always wanted to try dying my own stuff. It's that little control freak part of me.

Ate way too much at the Olive Garden, heart attack on a plate. Yum. What diet? I know no diet.... Weighed in at 156, 2 down from yesterday, so of course I needed to kick THAT in the teeth.

K was thrilled with the products I brought over and I have 14 classes to teach in the first half of next year. Yay! Getting paid to do what I love and the students love me. What could be better?

I'm having a tough time staying awake. Think I'll check out the Shady Marlin for the soap update, then read over how to make a yoga mat carrying case until I fall alseep. :D Must stay awake until then....

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