Friday, April 11, 2003

The nice thing is that I'm consistantly inconsistant.

Also very tired. I work on the house plus work out during the day. This means if I want to goof off, I do it at night between 9pm and 3-4am. Up at 8, so at most I'm getting 5 hours a night sleep. :P Must work on that.

House is a hell-hole despite whatever I've done. I do have three perfect rooms in the house, though, right down to the oiled baseboards. I have four hours of house cleaning scheduled, if nothing else, for the calories. Wanted to update this, though, before I take a nap.

Down to 162, yippee!!!! I'm also logging in my stuff at Here's the daily counts of food and stuff: Laura's Public Calorie Log

I'm brutally honest. If there's a choco bunny binge, it's logged. I'm working to keep the calories eaten to under 1000.

It doesn't tell you how much I've worked out, though, and since my weight loss is sluggish, I've ramped up my workout. Here's the goal: 15 mins of yoga, 30 mins of Jane Fonda and 20 mins of Billy Blanks, 20-45 mins of stair climber. This is supposed to be every day with weight training for the upper body added on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Kazaa has been eating up my time. We're dialup so downloading anything takes aeons. I have new cds burned with fun music that keeps me moving.

Today's tasks:
Call insurance company
Clean house for four hours-I'm not being specific, it all needs a good scrub.
Grocery shop for the week-NEED COFFEEEEEE!!!!!

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