Wednesday, May 07, 2003

this thing is like a period....

I only experience it once a month.

Really must do better.

Ok, since the great new being that is our new computer, I haven't transferred the Excel and Word spreadsheets from the old to the new. Not good, since I've not kept track of my calories and activities, plus, my to-do list is on that old computer. It tends to freeze and since the new computer, I have zero patience with it.

What's going on.... Not a whole heck of a lot.

Knitting classes are over for the summer, as far as I know now. Unless I come up with something new, anyway. I've been knitting scarves to sell for the fall. Also need to finish up all my unfinished stuff to sell, too. Sent off the invoices last week, expecting money from the library in a couple of weeks. :)

Former best friend sent apology and 'will send some of what I owe' email. Like, THAT'S never happened before. I don't know what to reply, honestly, that doesn't sound mean, so I'm not replying. Which may be even worse.

Let's be fun for a moment!!! Some faves of mine:

Movie: The last good one I saw was One Hour Photo. I'm way behind the power curve, I know. I'm dying to see all the movies opening this month, there are some really good ones.

Book: Cheap bodice-rippers, excluding Barbara Cartland. Too many elipsisi in Also, where...she puts for the...way a person would....say things....under.....duress. They are.....also.......of.....uneven lengths. I'm trying to focus on Dr. Phil's Self Matters but am too easily distracted. Seriously think I have adult ADD.

Music:At the moment, I'm listening to everything by Morten Harket of A-ha. I WORSHIP his voice as well as that of Ty Herndon. They're both attractive, that's why they have recording contracts. :P Listening to them sing is like an almost too hot shower on a snowy winter's day. Yum. Is it sexual? Not so much as it is sensual. While I work out, I listen to La Bomba, some cheapie latino compilation cassette. CDs skip too much to be enjoyable while working out on the stairs. While doing weights, I don't listen to anything, too distracting from the focus on the muscle.

Color:Today, it's GREEN. Because the color is everywhere.

Workout:Weightlifting. The other day I was doing something and noticed a lump above my knee. It was a freakin' MUSCLE. I was like, huh? Because I'm already pretty muscular, I thought I already had all the hardbody lumps. I also have all the softbody ones, too. ;P

Car: Shhhh, don't tell my car, but I love it. Of course, now that I've said that, it'll die. It always does. I may have to drive slooooowly by a new car lot just to keep it on it's pistons. ;)

Sheets: Being washed. The kid dreamed she was going to the bathroom and peed the bed. She didn't want to wake me about it and I rolled around in the stuff. Yay. I need to dry them, since I haven't heard the washer going in a while.

Neurosis of the Moment: The Sims. I found tons of free objects sites. You may have to check this out to see what I mean: Little buggers, just as I get sick of them, Superstar is going to come out. On my BIRTHDAY, no less, as well as a really good movie I want to see. Damn, I keep forgetting what it is, just that it's sci-fi. What a dunderhead. Anyway, The Sims are a drug. I love them because I can control them to a large degree. Plus, you do A, you get B. Very linear and predictable. I love that.


What I'm wearing: My husband's black sweatpants and his grey shirt from Benedictine College. I am wearing my own underwear and bra.

What I look like: Like someone who shouldn't have stayed up so late playing The Sims last night. Like someone who took a shower this morning but didn't want to get her hair wet and put it into a high bun instead.

What I'm drinking:The last dregs of a second cup of coffee. After a glass of iced tea, I'm going to work out at the gym.

What I had for breakfast:Lowfat light yogurt at 70 calories.

What I will probably have at midnight tonight: A couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter, pretzels, stale Captain Crunch cereal if there's any left.

Favorite screenwriters:The Andys. Andrew Niccol and Andrew Stanton. Look them up on and see if you don't agree. I idolize them both, they amaze me and most screenwriters don't.

Favorite road: I 70 to Colorado. I really want to go this fall and see the color. I haven't been there in a decade and used to go 2-3 times a year when I lived closer. :(

Favorite husband: Mine! I get to sleep with this hunky married guy every night. He's a cute sexy doll that doesn't know how good looking he is.

Favorite daughter: Again, Mine! She's beautiful AND a brainiac with a crazy sense of humor. What a card. She's also very tenderhearted and caring.

What I don't like:Needing to pee, laundry, being lazy, wet socks, tornadoes in my neighborhood, pimples at my age, paying bills, dimply thighs, disciplining my child, reminding anybody of anything, forgetting things, looking for things, cleaning cat urp, unclogging toilets, running out of gas, discussing money owed by friends, funerals, spinach, inconsiderate people.

Things I wished I liked: sweat, not flossing, being by myself, eating less than 500 calories a day, waking up at 5:00am, martial arts, playing competitve sports, a high stress job with a psychotic boss, veggies ad nauseum, working out until I puke.

Things I wished I didn't like: food, sex, crass humor like South Park, staying up late, The Sims, pretzels dipped in french onion dip, all things cream cheese, sugar, anything alcoholic.

Wrapping up the websurfing, going to drink the iced tea, do dishes, mail bills, look for Mother's day and father's birthday gifts in sales circulars, then workout. Stop by grocery for O'douls and yogurt, stores for gifts, then home where I will fold clothes and watch Dr. Phil. Make bed, police the house, start dinner. Watch Star Trek:TNG (Nemesis is also out this month, is this not THE best birthday month???!!!!????!!!???!!! Knit like a fiend. Watch South Park. Between the start dinner and South Park is playing/spending time with child. After South Park is spending time with husband if he's still awake. ;D Tomorrow, mail gifts and pray they get there on time, which they won't but oh well.

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