Thursday, May 08, 2003

Getting better about blogging.


Like, you care.

Sometimes, when I'm chatting at people, I think, why do I think they give a rat's butt what I'm saying? Do I even care about what I am and what I'm saying. Now, I'm not saying I'm invisible or won't be missed if I disappear, but sometimes, I feel really...transparent. Yeah, like I'm not really there.

Achieved a few things yesterday. The big one was my husband folding all the laundry. Something I'd dreaded doing and he did it for me. I worship that man. I found the perfect pillow for my Mom for Mother's day. She and I like the flattish ones, me, I love the goosedown ones in hotels and motels. Have even thought about swiping one just because I couldn't find them anywhere else. You know it. I found them. They were hiding out at Linen 'n Things and I had a $10 off coupon. I bought her the cheapest goosedown, still more expensive than the highest priced polyester and a 100 times better. Dad's getting BBQ tools for his birthday tomorrow and stupid me didn't even think about the card until yesterday. What a dumbass I am a lot of times. Good thing I have that sweet I care about people thing going, otherwise, I'd be in a shallow ditch somewhere, decomposing. :P

Food so far: Yogurt, orange, small pita sandwitch with ham, cheese, and deli mustard. Wanted hummus (is as us?) but am letting intestins calm down after the bean-laden chili incident of Monday. (how the HELL do you spell intestines) Uh, ok. Never mind.

Received $5 off coupon for Red Lobster via email. So now I HAVE to go to the Rainforest Cafe to redeem my two $5s from there as well as RL. How about $5 at RFC, $5 at Joe's Crab Shack (a RFC subsidiary), AND $5 at RL? Spending at least $100 to save $15. ;D

I'll probably just sneak around and have my lunches at those places. Lunch is cheaper and the coupons go further that way.

Worked out yesterday. :D Stairs for 20 mins on the aerobic training instead of fat burning. Sort of took it easy at level 5 or 6 because I knew I'd need my quadrecepts (I know, spelling) for leg lifts. I love doing those and my legs aren't even sore today like I thought they'd be. I lifted 180lbs with them for two sets of 8-12 reps. They were a little tough, but obviously not impossible. I scooted my feet to where the toes hung off the edge and did calf presses, too.

I couldn't remember The Matrix Reloaded opens on my birthday? What a non-dork. That, ST:Nemesis on DVD, and The Sims and I'm good. :D Finding Nemo opens the next weekend, I think, and we're there for that one, too. Some movies, I MUST see on the big screen.

Woke up with a hideous headache this morning so after this I'm on an ice pack. I don't know WHYYYY the headache today. I'd bought a bottle of wine but hadn't even opened it, no cheese, no chocolate, no anything. What a major pain in the ASS.

Spent some time at today working on a case. While reading the interviews, I had the feeling that it was fiction and lo and behold, it was. They didn't post that anywhere obvious, but the interviews sounded so incredibly stupid and badly written in a Dragnet sort of way (you KNOW Dragnet was fiction so bad dialogue was ok). I'd say the characters were only two-dimentional, but that'd be a stretch. Plus, all the obvious red-herrings. What a moronic place.

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