Friday, May 23, 2003

Doin' the bump, ow! Sexy Sexy!

Or not.

I was in a tizz this morning when bloating up to 167 on the scale, then just before showering, I jumped back on while nekkid and weighed two pounds less. So, I took that. :D

Hand still hurts, folded laundry, threw small dinner party for Sister's birthday. She's 35!! NO! She can't be that old! She's younger than MEEEE.

Mom and Dad's anniversary, today, (May 22), too. 39 years. Weird, I can't imagine being with MYSELF that long, much less someone else.

Oo oooh! I was buying some wine, the lady asked what year I was born and when I replied '65, she said "No! You can't be." It might have been a flattery thing, but I don't think she's that good an actor. Plus, I have good genes from my dad. Didn't get the skinny ones, but DID get the youthful :D I can diet easier than I can install cranes to keep my boobs on my chest.

I'm a class mom taking care of some of my child's classmates at the zoo tomorrow, plus, I need to pack for the weekend. Also working on a new chart in Excel that will keep track of my calorie intake.

Something that I really must do is read Self Matters by Dr. Phil and really nail down an action plan for my life. I'm not good with limbo and think I'm getting even lazier than before. I need to write down and solidify what it would take for me to truly be perfect. I know, not attainable, but still, I'd like to try to get close. It's kind of like lightspeed, you can't reach it, but you can get 99.999999999% there.

Worked out today, StairClimber for 20 mins, then ran 1/4 mile at 5 mph just for fun(!!!) Weird. Never did THAT before, but just wanted to. The bad hand (Still!!!) made Cobra pose in yoga and pushups (8) painful, so I left off with the other arm and chest exercises. I'd like for this to HEAL, thankyou! Didn't do the leg press due to the psoas muscle. I'll need it for the long trip tomorrow (it's a muscle you SIT on) and THAT'S the last muscle I want to irritate.

Neck muscles don't like crunches. Funny how they're sore but my abs aren't.

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